Sunday, May 17, 2015

Beautiful Views For Deep Thinking.......:-)

Hi Everybody,

Well, as some of you may know, Scootard and I have invested in a Class A RV and rented out our condo.  We have a one year lease on it and plan to travel and see things that we have not seen yet.  This of course means that we will be pulling our new van as well.  You can see our Vlog about how we got started in our RV here:  Don't forget to Subscribe if you want to follow our travels!!

Our scooters are in storage and will likely not be ridden at all this year.  We need to adjust to a new way of living.  We feel that we are in transition in our lives right now and need to adjust to this new way of living off the grid.  This took a lot of thought and the pictures following this chat will show the places that I like to go to think things through.  Since we use different modes of travel, I will probably change the name of this blog to reflect my travels.  My new name will be "Trippin Sister" and Scootard is now, "The Striking Viking"....haha.  

 And there is indeed a lot to think about!

Not that we had not done  a lot of thinking and discussing before the big move in (and the move out)!

 We rented out place to two young girls about 21 years of age.  Our condo was going to be their first place.

We had a long chat with one of the girl's Mom who couldn't resist calling us and making sure that all was well.  She spent a lot of time telling us how responsible her daughter is as well as her friend and really wanted us to consider her.

The market here in our town is awful for rentals right now.  virtually nothing is available!  So, we had several offers for our place; some of them willing to pay $100.00 more a month.

But we gave it to these two girls realizing that we each had our "first place" too very long ago.  Somebody gave us a chance.  We wanted to be a blessing to these girls.....:-)

The lease was signed for a one year term.  NOW, THERE'S SOMETHING TO THINK ABOUT!
Seeing as if things went wrong in the motor home; which we affectionately named "Grace"; we are literally locked out of our home for a year!

This was a huge step of courage for us as well as them.  But we believe that we are headed in the right direction!  

We hope to continue to see you all on the road somewhere!