Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Riding On Lamb's Wool

As hot as it's been over the past few days, there are signs of the season's change in the trees.  They are starting to turn various shades of yellow and brown.....

 We decided to try some Lamb's wool on my seat to make my riding experience more tolerable....We hunted and searched all over and could not find any anywhere....except in the form of a mit that is used for washing expensive cars.....So, we bought one and used a seam ripper to flay it open and remove the cuff.  Since I still had the elastic bands from the last "monkey butt fail"....I used those to secure it.

I still had that excersize foam under the lamb's wool to give me some extra lift....

and then I remembered that the whole monkey butt thing got worse as there was no air flow!  So.......Walla!  Air conditioning .......:-)..

And now, to put the masterpiece together on "Ms Vickey"............:-).  I'm starting to feel relief and I ain't even sittin on her yet........:-).  ha

PRESTO!!  And here is the finised product......:-).  But of course, we have to try it out....

Scootard had to replace the front tire on "Maj" and the tire came by UPS today, the first thing to do is to get that tire on. Scooters and motorcycles are not that abundant here in this town for some reason.  So, the only place that would even touch it was the Yamaha dealer...who (by the way) charged us 75.00 to change the tire.....:-(.  We headed out with the tire strapped to "Maj" and me in the car behind Scootard.

I won't even tell you what they wanted to charge for the tire and an oil change.  Which is why Scootard ordered the tire online for $40.00 bucks cheaper and changed his own oil ahead of time.  We got the bike to the shop and decided to go for lunch instead of hanging around.....

By, "Maj"!  See ya soon....:-).

Since the Chinese resturant was right across the street....we drove over there for lunch.  It was a buffet and I had sushi with a few other things with some wasabi.  The wasabi seemed watery, but when I actually put it in your mouth...........you experienced an alternate universe!  hahaha

Then we went back to the house after lunch and got Ms Vickey so that we could try out my new seat cushion.....:-)

We headed toward the tiny town of Cache, Oklahoma.  It is amazing what you will see from a scooter or motorcycle.....or not....haha......

We continued our travel to the wild life refuge and decided to stop at this trading post for a cold drink.  I was sweating in my gear and knew I needed to drink....something!

There wasn't a whole lot to see, but we did have some interesting conversation with the owner who had been "gifted" the old building when his family members passed away.

Scootard was discovering that his new and improved "air conditioned" seat was not keeping things cool at all....so, we were both glad to be out of the saddle for a bit....

I discovered that while I was not dealing with "chafing", the bump between the rider and passenger seat which still needs to be shaved down, is hitting me in the tail bone....:-(.  UGH!!   We searched and searched and there is no machine shop or auto place that does that kind of work.......tragic!

We were in and out of the trading post with our root beer soda and sat outside to cool off....in the shade before heading off again.

and we started our trek through the refuge......Scootard is always amazed at things he has seen before.......:-).  So, I just waited until he was done being amazed......:-).

 We saw a turn off and decided to take it.  Scootard has been to this particular place before on a previous fishing trip.  I love the way the road we had just traveled dissappeared into the distance.......

And I love being by the water....the wind was blowing pretty strong though and I thought we would get pushed off the hill!  I was concerned that Ms Vickey was going to get blown off of her side stand, so we put her on the center stand.....

 We stayed a while and enjoyed the quiet and the vastness of the area.  There is a reason they call this "The Great Plains".....:-).  I used to come here years ago and often tought about walking over to the sentry point in the distance.  But I always found it either too hot or too cold to make the walk......So, a picture will have to do.

Since we were both sweating in our gear, we stripped it off and decided to rest a bit. 

I love Brachycome flowers......but I never noticed that they grew wild in Oklahoma until today.....:-).

Scootard decided to walk below to get some pics.....  I was too tired to think about climbing the stairs back up....so I didn't...haha

I was starting to cool down some, but realized that my feet seemed to be on fire and I needed to get out of my boots for a bit as well.....:-). 

and then the inevitable happened.  I started getting really sleepy from all of the fresh air and the sudden cool down and knew we had better head back.  We were taking the highway back to Lawton.....the wind was vicious, but we had to get home....I took my hair out of my helmet to help keep my neck cooler this time.

and wouldn't you know.........but after entering the facility and finding it occupied by a hugh alien grasshopper....I decided to "hold it"! ....I DO NOT do grasshoppers.....haha.

We made it back in one piece and the "monkey butt" didn't seem to be as severe as in times past although not completely conquered.  If I can get rid of that divider between the seats, the battle will be over.....

But until then, I'll just keep riding it like I stole it!

See ya next time!