Thursday, May 23, 2013

Ok Bound- Day 4 Wyoming "The Cowboy State"

We woke up exhausted and with the knowledge that this was going to be a long day of traveling.  The Sky looked ominous in light of all of the storms that just passed through my homeland; which had me a bit on edge.

but it was still beautiful.....

We drove along for about 2 hours and came to the next state in our travels....:-).  "Cowboy Country".  Oddly enough, I do not have one single solitary picture of a cow...ha.  We saw lots too!

After having searched high and low for a gas station we decided to stop here and see what was happening.  It was another sleepy little town with not much happening.

This is a picture of the main street....ha.  and if you go about 3 blocks....that's about it....:-)

They did have some interesting things sitting around like this old truck that looked like it stepped out of the past and settled by this little building.  Very cool...:-)

And there was this really cool Eagle sitting outside of a little building.  The bird was almost bigger than the building...ha

However, our stomachs were starting to growl and there was no place to stop and eat here so we hit the road again.......

We came across a town named Casper and decided to grab something before we got in the vast "nothingness" that we had been driving through.  Scootard ordered something called a Cali-Melt.  I think it was chicken.

I had a Bison burger and some cottage cheese.....

This is a pic of the inside of the restaurant whose name escapes me now....sorry.

As we traveled along, I noticed the damage that had been done by fires that had ravaged the hillside....

And yet such a striking contrast just across the highway....:-).

We didn't stop to go to this historic site where Gen. Custer fought against the native people.  I have been to historic battle sites before and it always seems that the blood is still crying out from the ground from the loss of life there.....:-(

This sign was just a few feet down from the last.....

 ok....on the road again.....I just love the "velvet" hill's that seemed to be everywhere throughout the state.

I kept thinking about Ms Vickey being on this road one day and then had second thoughts because of the fierce winds that seemed to blow through.....

More velvet.....very cool, indeed.....:-)

The closer we got to our destination, the more the landscape changed....

 We started coming across this huge rock formations that were just staggering in their appearance...

This one reminded me of a chocolate eclair or something! I resisted the temptation to take a bit, though...:-)

 and the formations were on both sides of the highway....:-)

And finally after 10 hours on the road, we reached our destination for the night.......

after locating a WiFi signal and making some calls, we decided on staying at Little America Hotel and Resort. We had stopped at a Little America before but only purchased two .50cent ice cream cones.  So, this was going to be an added adventure.

It is a very beautiful place with a lake and flowers out front.

I know this looks like a casket, but it isn't....haha.

 Here is a picture of the little lake out front.......:-)

As soon as we walked in, we were greeted by this gentleman.  I do not know who he was.  A Cheyenne Chief, maybe?  I didn't see a name on the encasement.

and strangely enough, across from him was this guy...ha.  A long way from home, I reckon.  He is what they call an Emperor Penguin.

The lobby was done quite nicely and had been remodeled in 2006.

There was art work from various artist and antique pieces dotting the furniture....

They also offered this water that had been infused with lime and strawberries......:-).  I didn't like it...haha.  All I could taste was the lime which I found bitter.....:-(.  But it was pretty!

After driving around aimlessly for a few minutes, we found our home for the evening ....

Not too shabby......:-)

I could stay here again.....:-).  They room service for a reasonable price.  But I think we are both too tired to eat.

So, my fellow is the close of another long day.  Tomorrow.....well, we will see!

Stay tuned!