Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Day In The Big City!

After having spent a few days indoors, the walls felt like they were beginning to close in on me.  So, we decided to head for the "big city" of Oklahoma City once again.

Our first stop was a store called Burlington Coat Factory.  I don't know exactly why they call it that since they carry a lot more stuff then coats.  I was personally on the hunt for more things for our bathrooms and some wall decor for our kitchen in Oklahoma.  Of course, when you are not familiar with a store, you find yourself winding through the isles looking at.....well...everything there is!  Now, I have NO IDEA what this thing was supposed to be.........

but Scootard thought he had it figured out......hahaha.  I, on the other hand thought I had discovered "Big Foot"!!

ok, so just when I was sure he had recovered from his identity crisis.......

BOOM!  What's a person to do??  I decided to well.....I don't know the guy!  hahaha  I made a quick exit to the next isle over for the purpose of insuring all possible onlookers that I was NOT with "him"! LOL

But, alas......there he found himself....basking in....shower curtains.....hahaha.  I figured, it must be time to eat or something.  People can get "strange" when they are running on "fumes".....

We headed to a restaurant that I had not been to in years.......  I love seafood, but had recently had (and was still recovering from) an allergic reaction to some shrimp that I had eaten a couple of weeks ago that left me with whelps all over my face and neck.  It also itched so much that I went through 1 1/2 bottles of Benadryl trying to get some relief from it.  But the thought of trying some crab overtook we ventured in.....  

This is a shot of the interior......And let me tell ya.....that was one huge shark.  And he was wearing a bib!  Think on that one for a minute! haha.....

I decided to run to the rest room before they came to take our orders.  Couldn't help but chuckle at the sign....:-).  Hey, whatever you call it, you CAN'T get confused about where you were..

You can't help but think you are going to be mauled by a catfish on your way out of the stall!   

Then menu was "cute" and full of all things "crab".......:-).

Now, to get this figured out.  What's a person to do??

While I mused over the menu, I noticed the buckets in the middle of the table that had been placed there to dispose of your shells.  They even offered a roll of paper towels to clean up with during and after you meal...

But I decided to eat lightly since I was not feeling that well or that hungry.  I ordered the crab cakes which were very good and mostly crab meat and not "filler" as I have found to be the case with so many restaurants nowadays.  I didn't finish it although it was very good......:-).

Next stop.... one of my favorite stores.  Bass Pro Shop......

It was chilly outside which always makes me have to run back to the bathroom.  I was amazed that Scootard headed for the indoor fireplace......:-).  You know, being Canadian and all, it is unusual to see him feeling..."chilly"......:-).

Then we started our adventure through the store again.....I have no idea what this thing is, but he liked it...:-).

I wasn't warm yet, sooooo  I found this....:-).  Nice- eh?

I guess Scootard wasn't either!  ???????....geeze....ha.  What can I tell ya....SOMEBODY HELP ME!!  haha

on the way out of the store, I stopped to have a peek at this.....:-)

yeah, baby!  So, how do I look?  Is it "me"??....:-)

oh well.  Maybe one day.....:-).

After browsing the store for almost an hour, we decided to go to our next favorite stop.....still on the hunt for some decor for kitchen and bath..

you gotta love this place.  There are rows of ....well, just about everything you could think of for home decor..

We hunted high and low for SOMETHING that would be suitable for my kitchen.  But, alas!  It wasn't to be....:-(.  So, we headed for our last stop of the night......

Just when I thought I had seen it all........Now, I ask you; can you image getting your "toes done" sitting in the lap of a bear?? hahaha...

After Scootard grabbing a quick (not really) bite to eat, we started our "date night" at the movies.  The show?  "Lincoln".  I recommend this to those who are not familiar with American history and the struggles that the country went through to get us to the place we are today.  Still a long way to go, but glad I was born 54 years ago and not 254 years ago.....:-).

It was a long but good day....:-).

See you next time!!