Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Adventures In The Kitchen

Hello all!  I know, I know....I've been like a run away that just came home.  haha.  The good news is I have been busy trying to get a business started clear in another country, preparing for Christmas and trying not to lose myself in the whole process of things.
I have been kinda taking it easy lately in the kitchen.  We have been eating this and that, something or nothing; until I finally had to go shopping or we would have to break into our emergency stash!  Yes, we have one of those...:-)

Soooo, I purchased a large, smoked hock.  I had every intention of cooking it down and adding it to some cabbage, but got inspired in the kitchen along the way.  You know,  a little of this and a little of that.  It's amazing what you can pull off in a tiny kitchen like the one we have here in Canada.

Anyway, here is the finished result of slow cooking it with a special mustard sauce that I pulled out of my head while it was cooking.  I just put some stuff together with mustard and .....BOOM!  There it was....:-)

The thing was so large that even after cooking it, we had to put it on a platter.
I made a side of rice with the onions and spices from the hock and some broccoli.

I think I may have gotten 4 fork fulls in and noticed that Chris's plate was just about empty and there were a lot of sounds coming from his spot at the table.....

sounds like; "ummmmm"...."wow"......."um, um, um"  hahaha

And then there was the ultimate compliment of "you can make money on that!" accompanied by a thumbs up....:-).

Just another adventure in the kitchen with yours truly....:-).  And it ain't even Christmas yet!  haha

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!  I plan to.......:-)