Monday, July 8, 2013

Works Of Art and Guatemalan Foods Pt 2

It was time to depart the Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Art Museum and see what other mischief we could get into.  We headed for the Oklahoma Heritage Museum. 

Which happen to be housed in what used to be an insurance building.

And of course, just because there is a front door doesn't mean that you can actually use it.  We ended up having to walk to the back to get in.  The temperature was starting to rise, so by the time we got back there I was ready for some air conditioning. This is the picture of the back of the building.

There was this cool wall fountain thingee that Scootard was sure felt cool when you walked through.  Worth a try I guessed....:-)  Helen was already sitting behind the glass.  You just barely see here to the left.

Ok, I'll check it out for myself.....The water was cool enough....

The tunnel was not! ha.  Wow....surprise, surprise.

Well, they do have air inside.  So, that's where I needed to be.

We arrived just about 2:30 and was told that we had plenty of time by the assistant at the desk.  This is one of the first things that I saw.  It was located in the center of a display of female inmates.  These women told their story in a short paragraph; some with pictures of their children with them.

I only took a couple of the pictures that were there.  Unfortunately, I was not able to capture what they were saying.  Since I am not a "photographer" per se...the chances of my investing in expensive camera equipment is pretty slim.  But I will do the best I can with what I have.

This is a lady and her niece, both serving at the same facility for distributing drugs, etc.

The room was full of these stories.  The photographer called it the Invisible Eve.

We journeyed up to the third floor and discovered what is called the grand room.  Not so grand to me, though.  Seemed more like a cafeteria without the steam tables.  But I would imagine that if someone wanted to have a banquet here and the food catered in, it would work well.

As we were leaving, I spotted this small glass door way and when I looked through there was this magnificent staircase.....:-).  I couldn't get the whole thing, but I thought the top of it was very cool.

Scootard found this piano in the corner and started to play.  I didn't know that he could.  And guess what.  He couldn't! hahaha.  Still sounded good to me, though.....:-).

He took the stairs back down and I took the elevator.  It's kinda weird when you open an elevator door and all of these people are standing there staring at you!  Wow....creepy! haha
And who is that guy scowling at me, anyway??

There was a gallery that had the bust of some of the philanthropist and contributors of Oklahoma's history.

There was a place for someone else........


They even had this little theatre thing where you could tell your story of what you felt was the most significant thing that happened to you while in Oklahoma.

I told the story of Chris and I and how we met.  But it was the real short version.

Well, by now we were all starving and looking for somewhere different to go and eat. The lady at the museum suggested we try a restaurant that was nearby.

This was going to be exciting.  At least I was hoping so.  I was sure that there would be "some" differences between Guatemalan food and Mexican food as Mexican food is my least favorite.  I'm not big on beans which are a staple in Mexico and when I was there several years ago it became MY STAPLE for 8 days! haha.  I was done by the time I left.

Scootard already had the menu in hand and was ready to dive in head first.......:-)

The city was like a ghost town as it was a long holiday weekend here in the US.  So, the little cafe only had two other people sitting in it across from us.  I tried not to get them in the picture, of course.

There were huge posters decorating the walls of the country and their culture.

after some picture taking, I decided that somebody had to order "something".  So, I ordered some guacamole and chips to hold us over until we got our entree'.

Helen ordered this dish that was cabbage soaked in beet juice and vinegar with beef and Lord knows what else was in there.  The little dish on the side was a hot sauce that would blow you into the next universe!

Scootard ordered what was called Flautus.  No idea what that is.  It seemed to be taquitos.  I guess maybe the same thing, but with a different name.

I ordered the Tilapia with grilled veggies and rice.  to my surprise it also had a helping of black beans nestled under the fish.....but it actually wasn't that bad.  I used some of that hot sauce and adjusted to the heat pretty quickly after the first shock wave took my breath away......haha

We pushed away from the table completely stuffed and having had to leave some of it behind.  I caught a picture of one of their newspapers on our way out of the restaurant.  Looks like they were celebrating the 4th of July....hahaha.  

It was a good day filled with beautiful "eye candy".  I got back in the car wondering what I would be doing next.  We decided to take in a movie and go home.  So, we did.

See ya next time!