Monday, June 24, 2013

Revenge Of The Critters/ Day Trip To Ft. Cobb

The weather has been so hot here that we usually cannot ride unless we do it early in the morning before 9:00 or in the evening after 7:00pm.  We managed to get out of the house today by about 9:15 and head out to a town that we had never been to.  This time, we had company  with us....:-). Helen has been a part of our  ministry and family for years and keeps up with our property whenever we are not around.  It was time to take her for a spin on the Majesty.....:-)

After making sure all systems were go, we hit the road and headed for breakfast at a place we stopped at before....

after a light breakfast (for me anyway), we were ready to hit the road....

Suddenly the wind was absolutely brutal and just about pushed me into a truck carrying cement.  I was NOT having a good time.....:-(  We still had a long way to go before getting to Ft. Cobb and I was concerned that the wind would make this trip very difficult for me.  Scootard had the advantage of skill, extra weight and and heavier bike than mine.  He was not having the same experience I was having in regard to the wind...:-(.

We had passed this place once before but didn't stop to get pictures of it.  It is a peanut processing plant.  I have no idea why Scootard wanted pictures of a peanut processing plant, but here it is folks! ha...  I DO NOT like peanuts.....haha.

after another 45 minutes or so of riding and quite a few dragonfly carcuses hitting me in the chest, we made it to our destination of Ft. Cobb state park.  We were quickly swarmed by wasp which seemed to be after MY bike for whatever reason!.  We quickly dismounted our bikes and headed "inland" away from the festivities!.  All the while, I was wondering how I was ever going to get back on the bike with those things swarming  like they were.  And then there was the wind......:-(.

 Here is a picture of the park with a beautiful lilac (or maybe lavender) bush??  No idea, but with the wasp swarming like there were, i was not about to find out....

We went to the nearest picnic bench to have some much needed water as the temperature was in the 90's.

 And Helen took a little trip down to the shore line to sit by the water and take in the moment.....:-).  I was still trying to take in all of the dragon flies that kept attacking me during our trip out there and the wasp that tried to sting me when I got there!

After nearly choking to death on my much needed water, I was able to take a picture of the shoreline.

I was exhausted and ready to start the trip back home after psyching myself up about getting through all of the bugs that were probably lined up waiting to smack me in the chest .

 Needless to say at one point a huge bug (yep, dragon fly),  got inside my helmet through a small opening that I had left for ventilation and I had to pull over.  What a nightmare!  I managed to get it out, took a breath and told myself I only had a few more mile to get home and by golly I made it.  haha  sheesh!!

I was glad to see my front porch.  What a day!  That had to be the longest 100 + miles of my life.