Sunday, September 2, 2012

Cedar Plank Salmon and Swiss Couch Surfer Day 2

It proved to be a VERY WINDY DAY....and of course, we braved the elements and headed out to our Sunday service across town.  Marc and left almost 2 hours before us for his mountaineering classes.  So, we knew we had most of the day free until about dinner time.  This is the view from the house where we had our service.

 After service, we had the best cedar plank salmon I had ever eaten.  The fish was pretty large and had been caught by our host on a recent fishing trip.
 This is my plate with seasoned mushroom rice, garlic bread and broccoli....and peach soda type drink.  I think it was an "all natural" thingee....:-).  Pretty good!

 Tasted pretty peachy too....:-)

 We sat out on the deck for a while knowing that we had a few hours still before Marc would be done with his classes and we needed to be back home.

 Then we decided to drop our bikes at home and make a run for the beach complete with a picnic that didn't have any food...ha.  We were too full from lunch!

I love the water and didn't grow up around beaches.  So, going to one is alway special to me.  The challenge for me with this one is that it is littered with wood chips and splinters from the logging that goes on....:-(.  But, this is kinda all you've got here.   

We finally went home as the wind was about to carry us into the next province! And Marc joined us an hour later having had a full day of mountaineer training!  Did I mention that in Switzerland, he is a ski and snowboard instructor?  And that one of his adventures including a 2700kilometer ........(wait for it)............WALK to Spain from his home in Switzlerland!?   
So, with all of this adventure going on in his life, we figured the guy had to be hungry!  Baked chicken, potatoe salad and greek salad was a quick pick from the store....and we hate......twice!

 yep........ha.  did I mention the French Press coffee and lemon poppyseed muffins for desert? 

 Then after rolling ourselves into the living room, we talked more about travel, watched a few documentaries and looked at pictures from Marc's 2700 kilometer pilgrimage....Wow.  What a journey!

Marc is showing us some of the roads that he walked which is called the Northern route to Santiago De Compostela and Finisterre, Spain.

I was glad that I had asked him to sign our guest book the night before as shortly after the pics from the pilgrimage and a little bit of a movie, our guest retired to his room for the evening.....very grateful for the hospitality.  He will be leaving early in the moring to continue his adventure in Canada before returning home to Switzerland.  We are glad to have met him....:-).