Sunday, December 22, 2013

Snow and Symphonic Music

Finally, it snowed in British Columbia!  I love the snow.  Now, for those who know that I hate the cold (or extreme heat), may find it hard to believe that I actually love the snow...:-).  But, it's true!

Needless to say, that when I woke up the other day and saw this outside, I was thrilled!
whoooo hooooo!!!!

Isn't it lovely!!

We had a breakfast date with each other and since it was snowing, I decided to think of some other things that we could do while we were out.  I gave Chris a bundle of blankets to put in the trunk...just in case.

then there was the task of getting the snow off the car so that we can get going......

I decided to snag some pics of the beauty around me before heading off to find...well, more beauty...:-) This was taken across the lane from our condo.

This is a walking trail that is also across from our condo.  I love the snow covered bridge that you have to walk across to get to it.

We made a couple of stops and then I got the "whim" to go to the beach!!  Well, you couldn't really see the beach because visibility was so low and it had not been plowed.  Scootard didn't dare venture any farther inward....So, I had to settle for some pics of the surround mountains.

Here is another shot from a different direction....:-).  My friends in California can't relate to this....haha

I remember when I first came to Canada.  I had only been West once in my life which was a quick trip to Oregon.  But I had never seen so many Christmas trees in one place in my life!  I mean you can drive for a long time and see evergreens everywhere in the Northwest.

I took a picture of this couple out on a stroll in the snow.  I knew I was not the only one who enjoyed being out in it.....:-).

And Scootard was snapping pictures of me snapping pictures.....

After our adventure, it was time to start heading home....:-).

And so it was we returned to our home. I was content, except for one thing  I had not done yet......If you look closely, you can see my target at the door in the background.......(hee hee).

oh well.....  I missed!  LOL...but it was fun just the same.  And now, preparations to attend they upcoming symphony.  Not until the next day, but something I was looking forward to..

After a not so busy day the next day, we made our way to the Lion's Gate  Symphonia.  They were doing a Christmas program and we had purchased tickets weeks before.

We made sure to get there early to avoid standing in a line.  I knew (from previous experience) that they did not appreciate the use of "electronic devices" during the program.  So, I took this picture of the auditorium 30 minutes before the program started.

I was happy as a tick on a dog since I love the arts.  The evening was going to be filled with song, ballet, more song and more ballet....:-).  SWEET! Chris doesn't get the whole dance part....haha.  Notice the facial expression.  And they hadn't even started yet!

I was able to snag this picture of the orchestra warming up before the program started...

The program was wonderful and I really enjoyed it.  Scootard enjoyed it too....most of it any way...haha.
I hope that all of you are having as wonderful a time as we are.
From our house to yours........

Have a wonderful Christmas!!