Saturday, July 27, 2013

Short Trips, Oh What Bliss!

I tell you, I had been itching for over several days for the weather to break "somewhat" for it to be bearable enough to go for a ride on "Ms Vickey".  But, to my horror when we tried to start her she wouldn't budge.  Barely let out a "groan"....:-(.  It had been over three weeks since she had been out for a ride and the top case had drained the battery. I had been warned by a Kymco dealer in BC to remove the case if the bike was going to sit for a long period of time, but somehow that advice escaped me..

Being the traveling folks that we are, we happen to have a set of jumper cables in the trunk of the car.  Now, I'm thinking that cables for a"car" are going to blow up my little battery if we actually "start" the car to give Ms Vickey a jump.  Scootard on the other hand was quite confident that all was going to be well and proceeded to hook the cables to the tiny battery under my seat.  I moved over to the porch and covered my ears! haha

No big bang.....Yay!!  Just the hum of my little friend ready to go for her long awaited ride.  Thanks to Scootard!  I had my gear ready to slip into resting on the back of the car.....:-)  It was currently 77 degrees and we knew we had better hit the road soon before the temperature starting to climb.

But not before putting those trusty jumper cables under my seat.  Just in case!

Ms Vickey and Maj ready to rock and roll!

Our drive way is a bit "tricky" to me with both cars sitting there.  So, I usually have Scootard turn the bike around for me and take it into the street.

By the way, I had my trusty airhawk cushion all ready to go and it did me no good on this trip.  I had not put sufficient air in it.  So, monkey butt prevailed!

Scootard was getting his gear ready to go and we were both excited about the little town that we had promised to go back to and take some pictures of.

After a 30 minute ride up the highway, we came to one of my favorite spots in the mountains.  We decided to park the bikes and just sit near the water for a spell.

 Here is a shot of the lake that had our attention for several minutes.........

It was very peaceful as it usually is and had a few people at the shoreline fishing for channel catfish and small mouth bass.

The pier looked  very inviting, but the dragon flies were out in full force along with the wasp and bumble bees. All of which seem to take a liking to me!

We did managed to sit for a few minutes....

then the bugs spotted me!   But I wanted to snap the cool pick of the pier before we left.

 And so it was that after a very brief visit to my favorite spot in the mountains, it was time to go and I was thrilled to be leaving the bugs right there at the lake. (Hopefully)

We hit the road again and decided to head toward that tiny town that we wanted to take pictures of called Coopville or Cooperton or something like that.  Well, that didn't go so well as we made a wrong turn and somehow went the wrong way.

the road we were on took us to the main highway at which point we stopped and decided that since we had not had breakfast, we should eat something.  The temperature was beginning to rise and I was starting to sweat in my gear.  It was twenty five miles  to town and we decided on Chinese food for lunch once we arrived.

We discussed the possibility of dropping in on a friend who we had not seen since our last visit to the United States.  But, both of us were full and tired from the heat and decided to just go back to the house and rest for the rest of the day.   We managed to get Ms Vickey and Maj back to the house without a scratch....:-)

But this time I took the top case off.....:-).  No more surprises for me!  and we made it back before the weather hit 90 degrees.  It was 87 when we returned....:-)

Riding along with my honey and thinking about how blessed I am to have the life that I do and to be doing that life with my man.....:-).  Who, strangely enough seemed to be wondering which direction we would head out the next time we went on a trip....hahaha. .

I, on the other hand just wanted to get out of my hot boots, into my pj's and put my feet up!

Scootard eventually settled in as well.  Before finally drifting off to sleep in front of his computer......:-)

And so ends a wonderful time (with the exception of the dragon flies, wasp and bees).   It was a blissful day in full anticipation of another adventure some time soon!   Thanks for being a fantastic road partner, Scootard....:-)

See ya'll next time!