Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Homeward Bound! - Day 10

Who knew that this day would be filled with the kind of "adventure" that we experienced.  The morning started as usual....You know, loading the car, breakfast, stuff like that.

Well, I think we skipped merrily down the road for about 30 minutes when I started hearing this strange "sound" coming from the back of the car.  We arrived at a check point and after passing safely through decided to stop there and check the trailer.  Good thing we did!  The bearings on the driver's side of the trailer were completely gone!  We would not have made it another 2 miles without it catching fire or something from the friction.

We decided that with all of the things happening at borders nowadays, it would be best to go back over to the check point, explain our problem and ask if we could repair it there.  They were very gracious and said yes.  The challenge was getting the old stuff off.  It was hot and very greasy.

 Fortunately, Chris had all of the tools he needed and happens to be a "gear head" as well.  So, this was going to be easy.........we thought.

He had a terrible time getting the broken pieces off and we lacked shop towels and hand cleaner to help with more leverage.

We drove into town; 13 miles to find a auto parts store.  Yes!!  Auto Zone.....:-)
No.  They don't have the parts, but they can "order it" for us.  Well, that will never do.  We had to keep looking.

There was a tractor supply store down the road about a mile further and we were able to get the parts we needed.

After traveling back to the check point with our parts, we discovered that another piece was still stuck inside the part that needed to be fixed.  It had gotten so hot that it was welded to the inner part of the hub.

Poor Chris tried and tried to get that thing unstuck.  So, now, even though we have the parts we needed which by now have been soiled by our attempts to get it in place; it was simply not going to work.

 I came up with the idea of rather than trying to find a machine shop to unstick it for us, just replace the whole hub!  We traveled back to the tractor supply place and purchased not one, but two replacement hubs.  The second one just in case.  We got it replaced in 15 minutes after having spent 3  hours trying to repair it.  

It is finished and Mr. Chris has to clean up now.  We purchased hand cleaner and shop towels on our second trip to the tractor supply place.  We were happy to finally be on our way, but I was suspicious of the other side of the trailer and felt that we should just replace them both since we were doing it anyway.  But, Chris thought it was fine.

Well, if any thing were to happen, we had the other one in the car.

We traveled back through the town we had just left buying parts and continued on our trip.  This time we knew that losing 4 hours of time would prevent us from reaching our goal of Lubbock, TX.

We also past the biggest pistachio nut in the world! ha.  But time was going quick and we were both tired.  So, we didn't stop to explore the facility that hosted the big nut.

It was good to be back on the road again, but we had to start thinking of where we were going to stay for the night and also gas up for our morning trip.

I must have been mad at the way the whole day went.  I really wanted to be home in my own bed tonight.  It was funny that we passed this sign.  I had to chuckle haha.....  "Ok".  Forgiven!

We came upon this tiny town with one gas station and thought we had better get it and pay whatever they were asking.  After all, we were in the middle of nowhere!  It was also good that we picked up lunch at the last town which was several miles behind us now..

And guess what.......Chris was coming back to the car and happen to look at the trailer on the passenger side and guess what........yep.  Now THAT side was completely blown as well.  We were sooo fortunate to have purchased that other hub and lunch!  

So, it started again.......

there was nothing left to the bearings except where they used to be.  And it was very hot!

We drug the new hub out of the car and Chris got it on in no time flat.  Well, about 15 minutes.

He got the lug nuts back in place and check the other side to make sure they were still tight as well.

All was well.  Now, we have new hubs on both sides of the trailer.  Last year before returning to Canada we completely rebuilt the trailer bed and weather treated it. the tires are new as well. So, I guess the whole thing is pretty "new" now.

We made it to Clovis, New Mexico and decided to stop there for the night.  Now it is 8:51 PM and we are exhausted!  But, we are determined to make it all the way home tomorrow and sleep in our own bed!

"Ruby" "Rascal" and "Raspberry" are resting under their cover.  And I am about to do the same!

See you on the home front!