Friday, August 10, 2012

DAY 2 - Kubota Gardens....:-)

If you like gardens and such, you should enjoy this day with us....:-). We had brunch at IHope before heading to the Kubota Gardens in Rainier Beach.

Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity was my oder and Scootard ordered the chicken, spinach crepe thingees....:-).  We ate everything before I remembered to take pics...ha...sorry! 

then we headed for the gardens that he wanted to visit before we left the area...


The doors look like a bad acid trip.....(not that I do that stuff)....just sayin.

I know this bell has meaning to the Japanese, but I'm sorry I didn't find out what.  I didn't see any workers around...

There were several people milling around, but I tried to get shots without people in them.

Chris has always been facinated with nature....trees, clouds, flowers, and ....trees....clouds, flowers, and water!  I forgot water.  And mountains, and streams....and .....well you get the picture....:-)

There were several pathways, some of which led.......well....NOWHERE! ha

I love the Blue Spruce tree.....:-).  I had one once for a Christmas tree and I used to gather up all of the fallen needles put them in a simmer pot and let the fragrance fill my house......ahhhhhhh.....:-)

Isn't that a wild tree.....?

We decided that this was a nice place to have a picnic and  then we remembered that we had just eaten! ha

I really liked this path... but it started to get very warm in the sun!


I think this is in the Daisy family, but I'm not sure.  They didn't have signs up next to any of the plants.

This was a nice area.  I didn't walk over the bridge, but around it.....

There were little ponds and streams throught the garden...

 On one of those paths that led to NOWHERE....we found this little guy........:-)

I tried to get a picture of this bumble bee, but I only have a little point and shoot camera.....sorry about the blurr....:-(

Hubby was having a blast......:-)

We were starting to really cook and decided not to see the last few parts of this 5 acres...

this looked to me like it would have been used as a least that's what I would have used it for...:-).

And we ended up back where we started somehow! ha....which was fine as I was cooking.....hubby on the other hand was wearing lots of sun block!
We stopped at Subway and I got a Philly Cheese Steak for dinner........
Thanks for spending the day with us!