Monday, December 3, 2012

Just Chillin....

It's been a week or more since I made an entry.  It has been a busy time trying to get ready to go back to Canada with lots of interuptions.  The time of staying in my
"semi-hideaway" is nearing an end.  Here's a quick shot of my Oklahoma hideout. This is where I spend most of my time when I am not out riding....:-).  It's a panoramic shot, so it looks a little weird....

The weather has been back and forth between beautiful (and windy) to cold (and windy). Afterall, this is Oklahoma where the wind comes whistling over the plains; as the song goes....:-). The evenings have been chilly enough to light an outdoor fire pit that a friend gave me 3 years ago.  You can tell that it was quite chilly because we were wearing jackets and freezing our rear ends off....haha. Just look at Scootard. If you see a Canadian wearing jacket, IT'S COLD! ha

Now, for some reason after I upgraded my storage for my blog, I lost the ability to edit my pictures.  Now, they all come out in various sizes with no way to make corrections.  I have even tried editing the size BEFORE uploading to blogger with no success.  oh well.....:-(. 

The next morning it was apparent to me that I should get Ms Vickey ready for the winter.  We are leaving the bikes here in the states since we will be returning in May. The wind was fierce, so Scootard took her to the shop for me to have her serviced.   He's "the man with his finger on the button of power"...:-(.  Anyway,  here is Ms Vickey on her way to the shop and Scootard posing with her.....:-) 
She was there for 3 days before we could pick her up.  She had her 7000k tune-up....:-).  She's a big girl now!  And this is her when we got her back.
and here is Scootard after all of the festivities.......haha
We hope to be able to ride at least once more before heading back to the great north "wet".  Until then,  her and "the Maj" will have to wait.  But I'll be ready when the time is right.....:-).