Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Raspberry Run.....:-).

Today was the day that we were to take "Raspberry" and "Thing Two" out for their adventure ride.  I rode Raspberry up and down the bumpy drive way to see how it handled on that terrain.  Not too shabby.....:-). Although getting the feel of those tiny tires was a bit unnerving.

I was surprised that the storage under the seat was as deep as it was although I had read about it being able to handle a full face helmet.  I carry a fairly large purse most of the time and figured she could handle that, I should be set.

I also couldn't believe how tiny the tires are on this thing....haha.  It had been close to four years since I had been on a Jazz.  It was going to be like balancing on a donut!

Almost ready to go....:-).  My helmet is almost as large as the scooter....hahaha

ahhhhhh, gotta love it.....:-)

We headed out and road around the lake.  Well, partly around it.  Unfortunately, the road was too narrow to stop and take pictures.  So, we had to wait until we got to a stop sign.  Here is Scootard taking a picture of "Thing Two"....

We went a ways up this road, but when it got uncomfortably steep, I opted to turn around and go back the way we came.  Just in time too.  It started to rain and the road was getting slick.

Whooo hooo!  We made it back in one piece....:-).  It was a huge difference from my 250cc!  That's for sure.  I had to pull over three times to let cars go by...ha.  It's a 4 stroke and may very well be the slowest gas powered scooter on the market!  My other trade in Vitality was a 2 stroke with a noticeable difference.  But I still love her......:-)


So, there you have it.  A whopping 5 miles covered today.....hahaha.  And believe me it took a while to cover them.  We sat under the car port watching the rain move across the sky and thought about perhaps tomorrow we will have another chance.

In the meantime, I suppose I had better get some reading done and catch up on things.  You know, get to know her better......:-).

 See you on the road!