Saturday, September 1, 2012

Our "Couch Surfer" From Switzlerland!

This is our current guest from Switzlerland.  His name is "Marc"...:-).  He is  part of the "couch surfer's" community and is here in Canada for a mountaineering course...:-)

 I had my trusty camera and snapped a picture of Marc and Chris saying hello for the first time face to face.  This is Marc's first couch surfing experience....and this is our second time hosting a surfer. 
 Marc had some GINORMOUS luggage bags with all of his gear for his touring and couch surfing needs.  I decided to let Chris man handle that! ha
 We finally got back and started to get settled in....:-)
 And of course EVERYONE that comes has to meet "Jasmine" the rat.....:-).  Yep, we have one of those....:-). She thought Marc was a new snack..ha.
 We told Marc about our scooters and he told us that he had a motorcycle back in Switzerland.  He has a Yamaha 125 motorcross DT.  I hope I said that right....???
 So, you know the guys are scheaming about going out for whirl on them....:-).  I decided to sit this one out.
 After fitting Marc with the proper helmet, they took off.  I was not happy that neither of them were wearing the proper gear...:-(  Chris took my bike (Ms Vicky) and let Mark take his Majesty.
 It was kinda weird turning to see both bikes GONE and I wasn't on either of them....AND THEN it occurred to me, that I had locked myself out of the house!  ugh!!
 fortunately for me they were only gone about 20 minutes.  It was getting chilly outside when they came barreling around the corner.   Yay for me! ha.  Scootard was riding Ms Vicky like he stole her!
 Marc was really impressed with a 400cc scooter and said he really like it.  He found it very comfortable.

ok....can you guys "chin wag" INSIDE the house now??  I'm cold!
So, we finally made it back inside and started sharing travel stories and pictures of some of our adventures....:-).  It was a very pleasant evening.