Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Texas Bound!

The last few days have been so chilly that we have had to turn the heat on in the house to keep the chill off.  Since I ride for pleasure and need to be comfortable, I don't like to ride when it is cold, wet, or just plain miserable conditions.  So, we planned to go riding yesterday and again today, but didn't get to go because I was exhausted from planning this trip to Texas and fighting allergies from my cockatiels and ferrets.

I ended up staying home for the first two days that the weather would allow me to ride and prepare for this trip.  Part of that preparation included cleaning the cages of my birds "Bubbles and Pickles".  However, "Bubbles" took this as an opportunity to "take flight" and land on a very unsuspecting specimen in the next room.........

After a little persuasion we were able to get him to go back "home"....:-)

Well, of course after spending all of that energy trying to convince a bird that a head is not the best "perching place".....it was time to grab some lunch....Korean food was the choice of the day.  I had some Pork Bi-go-gi and veggies and sushi with some wasabi that just about blew the back of my head off! Chris had .......other stuff...ha

He seemed to handle the shocking wasabi surprise just fine........

then it was off to a barber to get a cut and trim.  I usually do it myself, but was so busy that there was no way I could get it in.  So, off we went.......to a person we had never been to before! Chris was .....a bit uncomfortable since the razor was attached to a ........(wait for it)..... a shop vac that just about hearing impaired him....hahaha

but afterward and back in the safety of our home, he was happy it was over.  I felt I could have done a better job myself had I had the time.  I don't like military cuts.....:-(.

after packing the car this morning and making sure we didn't come back home to a mess, we headed toward Texas where we will be in a series of meetings for the next 4 days.
We would drive through several miles of this........

and this..........

it was lunch time.....now, I know what you are thinking.  didn't you just eat lunch?....That was yesterday!  I "squose" that blog entry onto this one for time sake....:-).  I really do try not to eat TWO LUNCHES in one day! hahahaha

Now, I figured since they said this.........

I would give it a whirl and order some extra crispy.......:-).  Of course I couldn't eat the chicken only, so I ordered some mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans.......BIG MISTAKE!

Chris, on the other hand had ordered some kind of a wrap, was quite satisfied with his choice and was headed swiftly into a "food coma"...haha   See?

 We decided we needed to get going so that we didn't run into rush hour traffic in Dallas.  I kept thinking about that meal that I just paid for and decided that I was not feeling like this sign.............:-(

Soon, the twisting over passes took my mind off of the huge dissappointment I had just experienced and I was emmersed in the beauty of the highways.......

Well, you know what happens after you eat!  if it doesn't, don't eat whatever you just ate again! hahaha

Now, this was interesting.  But I wasn't about to dine on grilled......well you know.......

but I did find this interesting "work of art" outside......I don't believe I have ever seen scare crows having so much fun! ha

After our pit stop, we traveled on and passed this very inviting waterslide.  But alas, there was no time!

and of course, one's hair will never be the same after enduring such frolicking.....:-)

Some how, we got turned around with all of the road construction that was going on and decided to stop at this Starbucks to get some directions to our hotel. 

only to discover that we were right around the corner.....yay.....:-).  After getting checked in and setting up our "temporary home" with our creature comforts.......(meaning our own bed pillows and French Press)

you have to have discovered by now that hotel coffee is the worst!  So, we bring our own complete with electric kettle....ha.

We settled in for the night..........

Well, I guess I could have put on some lotion before I shot this one........haha....but hey, I'm chillin.....right? 

See ya soon!!