Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Homeward Bound- Day 3

It was very chilly when we woke up this morning.  Actually, I had been awake for several hours and remember going back to sleep at 4:30am and having to rise at 6:00....ugh!!.  Oh well.  I will sleep in the car.  Chris uncovered the scooters and pulled the car the front for me.

I looked back before getting in the car and noticed this beautiful sunrise.....:-)

time to hit the road and head toward Corvallis, Oregon to visit with Trobairitz!

 Traffic was heavy, but steady.  So, that was good.  We weren't just sitting in the car feeling stuck.

The sky was looking ominous and I was sure it was going to pour raining.

by the time we got to a rest stop several miles away, it was starting to sprinkle.

So far, so good!

and then it happened....hahaha.....notice the soaking wet ground?

I decided to stay in the car while Chris his way to the rest stop and amuse myself with this soda bottle. It says "Share a Coke With Chris".  I think I drank most of it myself though.  That's what was so amusing when I thought about it.

 Some where along the way during one of our stops, we found these.....:-).  I hadn't seen these since I was a little girl at which time I believe they came in a box with a prize inside!

TADA!!  The prize; which could not be "downloaded" from on line was a sticker and a bit of a history lesson.

Here is the sticker....

And here is the history lesson.....Who knew!?  Not, I.

 We made it to Corvallis.........

 and had made arrangements to meet Trobairitz; a fellow rider at a restaurant called "The Laughing Planet".

Trobairitz and I took this picture while waiting for Chris to find a parking space.  It was good to finally put a face to all of the blogging that goes on! ha.  Thanks for a wonderful time, Trobairitz...:-).

The place was like none I had been in before.  The menu seemed to be all natural; right down to the organic chicken!

Here is Trobairitz and Scootard.....:-).

And here is my chicken quesadilla......complete with habanero sauce that just about blew my head off!  We had to get a side of sour cream to go with it....ha

After a wonderful lunch with a wonderful lady, we had to say our goodbye and  make our way to Grants Pass.  This would be our home for the night.

It was going to take us another almost three hours to get there.....

I think we stopped once to use the rest room.....

And look what I found for "Raspberry"!!!  Cool- eh?

I saw this interesting advertisement on the bathroom wall......:-).  Now, that's creative!

We finally made it to Grants Pass.

First stop was our hotel to get checked in and then drop the trailer so that we would not have to drag it with us when we went for a visit with some friends that I had not seen in a long while.

Unloading the car was interesting.  We had done it like this before, but it is always so funny to me.  Chris took the screen out of the window and proceeded to pass me things through the window....haha

hey, whatever is easiest!

We got everything unloaded and the bikes covered up again for the night before headed off to see our friends.

The sunset was just as beautiful as the sunrise had been.

My friend Dottie met us with big hugs and a big welcome....:-).  Dinner was wonderful too!

Thanks, Dottie and Tony for a wonderful evening....:-).

tomorrow will bring its own excitement.  For now, it's time to get some real sleep if that is possible any more!  ha.

See you on the road.......:-)