Saturday, July 21, 2012

Preparing For Our Anniversary Scooter Trip!

Today was a very nice day after the rain and misting stopped.  It rained all day yesterday and part of today.

I battled a severe headache today,but after I felt I had recovered somewhat,  hubby and I decided that we go over to the golf club for some lunch.

He always looks at me like that....:-).  He's in love!

 I ordered a chicken quesadilla thingee and a non-alchoholic beer.
I can't remember what Scootard ordered...??
It was a beautiful day, but a bit windy.  Since it is challenging for me to ride in the wind, we decided to wait until later or tomorrow to go out on the scooters.  My head still was not 100% and we had some shopping to do for our upcoming Anniversary trip to the states this weekend. 
We even went back and got more stuff.  Seems like a lot of little stuff is needed on these trips.  This will be our first time!  I hope it all fits! ha

 We finally decided on a tent and went and purchased it yesterday after doing some research. Settled on the Ozarka Trail Windigo Sport Dome for 4 persons. I figured since neither of us are small people, it wouldn't hurt to err on the side of caution. ha. Plus my hubby is a tall guy of 6'1".

And of course I have to have these!  My trusting riding boots.  But I hate it when my feet get tired and I have nothing to change into when I want to take a walk.  So, my tennis shoes will be going with us as well as a pair of comfortable sandles.