Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Stroll On The Beach----brrrrrr!!

I love the beach although the beach we have in our town is a bit of a disappointment, it is still a place to go to be near some water without having to venture too far away.   I took these pictures before the snow hit our little town.  Chris immediately headed for the drift wood...:-). It's amazing how much of that stuff comes in with the tide.  I have often wondered how much drifted in from China...??

who knows what he is up to now...haha.  Perhaps he is contemplating another "grand construction"?

Seems that this particular day, others were trying to take advantage of the fact that it was not raining cats and dogs for a change.

 There is something about water that has a peaceful feel to it.....

 Then there is the "side affects" that may come with all of that serenity...


 and that was our little outing into the cold.  Time to head back to the warm comforts of home

We made it home before the snow. I tried to capture this picture twice and kept getting the reflection of the camera....:-(....sorry.

Anyway, we made it home and decided to enjoy some pigs in the blanket; or at least that's what my Mom used to call them...:-).  Comfort food! ha

 Hope you are enjoying the snow that has fallen since these were taken...:-)
See you next time!