Sunday, July 15, 2012

Round Trip From BC, Canada to Portland, Oregon and Back

We are "inmates" on and have recently completed a Ride Report of our travels to Oregon and back.  It was my first long distance trip longer than an hour and the very first long distance trip on a 250cc!  You can view it on here:

It was a 12 day journey there and back and far too much information to move onto this blog!  But I will post my other activities here in the future.  


We went to Whistler yesterday to have some lunch and get out for a while.  It was blazing hot in my gear and the breeze home was much welcomed as I thought I was going to melt clean away.  I ended up stripping all of the guts out of my gear and stopping twice just to get home!  whew...not that's hot!

Whistler/Blackcome Mountain in the background there....My husband has skiied it many times over the years.  Not for me.  Sliding down the side of a mountain on two sheets of metal doesn't appeal to me! ha

I just about starved waiting for the food to come after a long, hot ride.  What is it about slow service here??

It was so warm that we had to stop and take off our helmets just to cool off and take some pics on the way home.  I think it got up to about 90 degrees.  I don't know what that is in celcius (???). HOT!

Blackcomb Village.  Not very much to see there, but nice just the same....:-)

When we finally got home, there was a race to the shower to get the sweat off! haha.  My clothes were still wet from the scorching sun although I had peeled all of the layers out of my jacket.
You can read our ride report for that day here: