Monday, February 9, 2015

Time Is Winding Down

I am almost certain that this is the longest break I have taken from blogging since I started. Between learning how to pressure can food and home renovations, I have been very busy! It's hard to believe that we are getting ready to head back to Canada.  Time has moved much too quickly....:-(.  Anyway, here's hoping that everyone's new year has gotten off to a great start....:-).

The beginning of the visit was expensive!  It seems that every year for the past 6 we have had to have some major repair down on the house that was unexpected.  And just about every year, we have had to have "something: done in regard to our sewer line.  We finally fired our company that we had had a relationship with for the past almost 20 years and had the work done through someone else.  I figured when we follow their advice and every year is more expensive and still not fixed.... it was time to move on!  We have now replaced the entire sewer line from the clean outs to both bathrooms and haven't had a problem yet.

The good side of all of this is that the soil has been worked!  haha.  So, if I decide to put any bulbs in, it should be quite easy....:-).

The weather is starting to warm just a bit on some days.  It reached 70 degrees the other day and we pulled out some chairs and had a bit of a sit in the back yard for a few minutes.....:-).

Another project that we did was replacing windows.  You know it's time when the inside feels like the outside during a winter storm....haha.  This is one of our kitchen windows.  Looking good....:-).

Although the weather has been pleasant in spots, it's usually too cold to ride unless you have a lot of warm gear or heated stuff on your bike.  So, for now, Raspberry and Rascal will remain under cover in the storage area.......

 And Ruby will stay in my office complete with helmet and "Monkey Butt" powder.....

One of the things we had to deal with this year was ferrel cats using our flower beds as their personal toilets.  We didn't really notice until we made an inspection of the windows around the house and managed to track cat poo onto the front porch!  The war was on!  We called animal control who recommended that we obtain some "live traps" for the little creatures and that they would take care of it if we call them.  So, we did.  This came with a small and large trap in which we managed to catch 4 cats and a possum if you can believe that!  

Now maybe whatever the cat urine didn't kill can start to grow.   I think we have a large monetary loss of plants between cats, heat from last year, and lack of "know how" when it comes to caring for a garden.  Nevertheless,  hope springs eternal!

Sooo, there's the update.  Did I mention that I have been sick as s dog the last couple of days?  No?  Well, I have been sick as a dog the last couple of days and suffering with a toothe ache from the crown work of a crappy dentist that needs to be redone or the tooth removed.  Gotta like that....
Well, until I can get to the dentist; which I do not want to do with a bad cold; I will just keep taking my meds.    

with a lot of vitamin -C and hope to be rid of this stuff before hitting the road and heading back to BC! 

Stay warm, y'all!