Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Veggie Garden 2014

Our little allotment is coming along surprisingly well.  I have never grown my own greens, so this has been quite the experience.   We went the other day to check on things and this is what it looked like.....

This is today!

I cannot believe that two little potatoes have turned into this.  It is in a 5 gallon bucket!   Not ready for harvest though.  We had to fill the bucket with more dirt.

This is a pepper plant that I hope yields some fruit for us.....:-).

Our radishes are ready for harvest already!  I read that if you pull them when they are "young", they will not get woody or too hot.

We decided to leave some of the smaller ones in the ground and get some of the larger ones for a snack later.

Do I look proud?..........:-).  And the tops will go in the freezer to use later as food (compost) to feed my Red Wiggler worms.

Here is a better look....:-)

give them a good rinse.......

Chef Christo preparing the snack......

We will probably harvest the rest of them very soon.  We noticed that the larger ones did in fact have a little "heat" to them. But it worked out well with a little avocado on the side....:-). Still in all, I'm so happy about my little garden....:-).  Wish you guys were here to taste some of this..:-).

See ya soon!