Saturday, August 11, 2012

DAY 3- The Freemont Cut

After a typical hotel breakfast of biscuits and gravy, we decided to check out early and go to Freemont. We have been there several times before. But still it's nice to watch the big toys that float in the water that people pour money into called "boats"....:-)

Well, I intended to take the pic before the food was gone!  oh the way, we have had our share of "dishwater coffee" and have decided that now whenever possible we will travel with our French Press and our own coffee; even though it is in Starbucks cups! ha

Chris' new Tourmaster Jacket that we got for a slammin deal on Craigslist..... 

We thought we were all checked out and ready to go; and then the hotel over charged us for an upgrade we didn't ask for!  We didn't leave until they gave us the difference back......:-(

ok, Now we go!

Found a seat by the water in the Fremont district and enjoyed watching the "toys" float by....:-) 

Some of them were really large........

The water seemed really blue today for some reason....:-)

And then we had the occasional visitor who insisting on hanging around.  I think he wanted my banana! 

I mean he gave me the death stare and wouldn't leave!  ha


This was our little spot for the day.......:-)
But I like this shot better.......:-).  It seemed very cool in the shade for some reason and cooking in the sun.

Seattle is a very artistic place.....especially the Fremont District

I think this one was new.....but maybe not....dunno??

We drove past this beautiful neighborhood.......

And then we decided to go to our favorite store in Seattle; The Seattle Cycle Center where we met this gentleman outside who was riding a Honda Passport 70cc......NICE!

We spoke to him for quite some time and unfortunately, I have forgotten his name.  But he was gracious enough to let me take his picture with his bike.....

Then I went inside the store and sat on this bike called "Tha Heist" by Cleveland Cycle Works.  The seat needed more help than "Ms Vickey" does!  I would hesitate to go touring on that one....ha

Then we left to go visit with some friends and snapping some art work on the way......

The Feast!

We were a little early for the theatre and decided to just hang out and watch a chess game....the guy on the left was getting "smoked"!...  poor thing...ha.  He lost his queen before we went into the theatre.."Ouch"!

Maybe all that water broke his concentration.....??

The movie was spectacular!  I was gritting my teeth through the whole thing!...ha

Good night!