Thursday, May 2, 2013

The View From My Window..

Spring has sprung (sorta) here in BC.  The first flowers that usually appear are crocus which are now long gone. When you live in a strata environment, there are a lot of "can't do" in the rules.  One is gardening that requires you to dig into the ground to plant anything.  However, a couple of years ago, we obtained permission (after the fact since I didn't know) to continue to make the property beautiful.  Below is the view from my front window.

We usually have more flowers than what you will see in these pictures.  But since we are leaving soon and will be gone for some time, we didn't plant any annuals this year.  The perennials should have died back before we leave.  I like waking up in the morning and and seeing this when I raise the blinds:

The Tulips that we planted seem to close at night and reopen in the mid afternoon.  This was taken in the morning.

I had never seen "Grape Hyacinth" before seeing them in another part of Canada.  We brought some back with us and planted them not know what would happen since it was from a different region.  It has done well....:-)

I call this one the Rose Tulip...:-)  It almost looks like a Peony.

This is also a Hyacinth. and as you can see, we have also put in lights that make the garden look beautiful at night...:-).

I call this one Snow White.  I made up these names because I have totally forgotten the real ones! ha

Purple Rain.....:-)

We also are helping our feathered friends by providing some nourishment for them. I think this one is in the Finch family....:-) We looked at a few pictures of birds in this area and concluded that it is a female House Finch.

 And then there is "Sadie" the humming bird who comes every year...:-).  This time she brought a friend with her, but they scurried away before I could snag a picture........

And so my fellow bloggers, it's another beautiful evening...almost the close of a not so perfect day.  But the sight of the flowers, birds and trees reminds me that there is beauty in the midst of a very chaotic world.

Take time to smell the flowers.  There are plenty of things that will stink on this journey through life! ha

Sweet dreams...:-)