Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Long Road Home-Day 3

Getting up at 5:30 in the morning is not what I am looking forward to doing again, but at least the road is getting behind us and the French Press is there waiting for me when I do get up.

After slamming down a not so great breakfast, and Chris using the rolling desk chair as a luggage rack, we headed out toward the car.  Ms Vickey and Maj were doing just fine.  I'm always concerned that someone will kidnap her.  We do cover them at night, but some people are opportunistic and will steal any thing and every thing they can.

The temperature dropped dramatically during the night, so we were met with a lot of frost on the car and windows.  I was a little concerned that we had not removed the batteries from the scooters before we loaded them onto the trailer.  Hopefully, the cold weather will not drain them both before I have a chance to plug them into our charger.

Somebody is still sleepy......:-(.  Poor guy.........

Strange time of year when you are likely to see all kinds of ghoulish things hanging around......

Really?.......I guess I'm just not into that kind of thing......

The sun was beginning to come up as we traveled from Casper to our next destination......

And the temps outside caused me to wear layers of clothing......

Once the sun was up, you could see how beautiful the landscape really was.......

 There is so much land in Wyoming and a lot of it is farm land and "no man's land"........

The snow capped mountains were beautiful and a long way off.  These mountains are known as the Crazy Woman Mountains.  The legend says that after a massacre of her entire family,  the woman who was a member of the Crow Nation ran screaming into the mountains never to be seen again. It is widely believed by historians that this is just a legend and nothing more.

We needed to get some gas and it was evident that the prices were climbing up.  Ms Vickey got a fill up, but Maj had a tie down strap going across her in such a manner that would not allow her to be filled.  Seafoam was put in her tank as well.

Chris grabbed some quick pictures and headed back toward the car.  He reminded me of Big Foot in this picture!  hahahaha

Whooooooo hoooooo!  Getting closer all the time!

Getting pictures of beautiful trees from a moving car is not my specialty.  I tried to get these, but only caught a little of them.  We saw some much more colorful than these, but they swooshed by too quickly.

You gotta love this shot......

But cannot understand for the life of me why people want to live miles and miles from ANYTHING.  This is far too remote for my liking.

I was really trying to get this shot, but my camera just doesn't pick up that well when the sky is so blue and the mountains so white.  It seemed to have done alright picking up the blood splat on the windshield though....:-(.

Well, this one isn't so bad I guess......:-)

Lots of farming going on with these tiny little store thingees, but not really stores dotting the landscape.

 We reached Billings, Montana and decided that we would fill up now instead of in the morning.  The plan was to push on toward Missoula but my sweetie was exhausted and I talked him into staying the night here instead.

We got our room which was not to shabby, but ran into the same weirdness as at the last hotel.  And this time it's a different chain.

So, we passed the stuff through the window and begin to settle in.  Geeze, what's with these hotels without luggage racks???

oh well, another day and another 500 miles behind us.....:-). 

 See ya soon!