Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Homeward Bound! - Day 4

The intention this morning was to leave at 7:30.  I woke up at 6:00am and starting preparing our coffee and repacking bags.  Chris was soooo tired that I decided to let him sleep to the last possible moment.  When I looked out the window, it looked like it had been raining cats and dogs!  Grants Pass was wet.......very, very wet.

It was easier to reload the car the same way we unloaded it the night before; through the window.  The car was directly outside.

After getting things passed out side to Chris, we were ready to go.

The sky opened up as soon as I stepped outside.  I ran to the car and we went to the front.

holy moly!  I was soaked.....

"CoolBreeze" got pretty soaked too after turning that key in!

Grants Pass has murals as do other small towns decorating their walls and telling the story of their history in different places.  To keep from shooting through wet windows, I often rolled the windows down taking the chance of the camera getting wet and ruined.

The hanging baskets were very pretty and were proudly displayed on their street lamps.

I don't know who painted this particular mural, but it was quite ugly to me.....Sorry if you are reading this and you painted it.

And bears!  Lots of bears every where......Look at the size of this guy.

I really like this one.....perhaps this was is cub and he was painting a picture of her......:-)

I don't know who this guy was, but somebody to the liberty to put a parking sign right under his feet.

Hey!  I know you!!  haha

This one was really cute.  I didn't notice the cat trying to steal the fish out of the boy's back pocket until Chris pointed it out to me on our second pass around the block.

This shop was closed, but I'll bet if they had known it was going to rain like it did, they would have simply put up a small awning and let the water fall from it...ha.  It would have had the same affect!

We finally left Grant's Pass and headed for Crescent City.  We crossed this bridge on the way in and out and I just loved the flowers.

I can only imagine how beautiful this would look in the Spring or Summer months.

This little guy was sitting on the side of the road on our way out......:-)

We arrived at Crescent City and saw this big blue whale thingee perched on a corner.

And then it happened again.....haha....  wow.

We just kept going up the coast.  It was apparent that things were not going to dry out any time soon.  The ocean was rough too.

We were greeted along the way by these two bears that were covered in gold paint.

Every time we passed another Redwood sign, it had a different name.  It appears that different sections of the huge park has different names.

 Chris wanted to take some pictures.  So, we stopped in the forest to do that.
It was wet.  Very wet.  ha

I decided to stay in the car and get some pictures.   I was trying to capture the magnificence of this tree and just couldn't do it with my camera.

Yep, that's him still taking pictures in the rain.

I just looked up through the sun roof and shot this one.....

We stopped in the visitor's center and picked up a magnet for the fridge back in Canada.  While in there, I saw a children't book entitled "Who Pooped In The Woods?"  -  haha...really?  Well, let me just say .....IT WASN'T ME! hahaha

We left the visitor's center and headed for Eureka......

There was a small herd of Elk grazing on the side of the road.  There were also signs posted not to approach them on foot as they were very dangerous.

It was time to eat!  We found this family restaurant and decided after making a couple of rounds  through the town to go inside and hope for the best.

I liked the name, anyway.....:-)

I ordered a grilled chicken with mushrooms and cheese sandwich with fries that I didn't finish.  The sandwich was good though.

the town of Fortuna was next on the list.  Chris met a lady back in the 80's that he kept a friendship with who he wanted to visit.  I had had the pleasure of meeting her on the phone, but never in person.  Today was to be the big day.....:-).

We found the home that she was staying at last.  The Emeritus at Sequoia Springs.  It is an assisted living place.  Betty had just moved there in the last year or two.  But we missed her by just a few days.  Betty suddenly passed away at the ripe, young age of 93.   She was a wonderful lady that loved and served God with all of her heart.  R.I.P Betty Sleep.

No pun intended, ya'll.  That was really her last name.

Oh well.  It was time to make it to our home for the evening and get some laundry done.  We arrived to see these poor souls pulling up and parking their bikes.

and this guy.....

And even though Rascal, Raspberry, and Ruby had a very wet day, at least we would be able to give them a little relief from the rain.  Chris covered them and we headed in to try to warm up and dry off from a very wet and long day.

It is good to be out of the rain.  Time to relax and see what tomorrow brings.....:-)

See you on the road!!