Friday, May 30, 2014

Oregon Adventure! Trip Preparations

If you have been following my blog, then you know of our recent "bathroom adventures" which have taken quite the toll on us.  You can read all about that in the previous posting on here. We finally got our bathroom back on Friday and then Sunday the whole building had "sewage" problems.  Can you believe that?!  New ceiling, new floor, new sewage coming up in our tub from God knows where.

We were sitting on the couch when we heard the horrid "gurgling" sound coming from down the hall. The tub and toilet were both filling up.  Come to find out, the neighbor across the hall was totally flooded from bathroom to kitchen, and the laundry room was quickly filling.  We started plunging like crazy!  It didn't help...As the night went on, it filled and filled and filled.  Thankfully, it never overflowed!  It was all cleared out before we left.

We needed a break from all of the "activities".  Thankfully, we were able to get away for a few days.  But there was some "pre-trip" stuff that had to be done.  Like get our tub and toilet unstopped and disinfected before leaving.  Strata took care of the plumbing and we took care of the disinfecting.  I wanted to check on the garden before leaving and make sure that everything was well watered before leaving it in the hands of come very capable friends....:-).  Here is a picture of the garden and its progress.  See my corn!!  YaY!

My experiment potatoes in a five gallon bucket.  I put 2 in here to see what would happen.

a pepper plant

carrots and chives

butter lettuce

potatoes that we "hilled up" on the side of the plot.  I cut these potatoes into little pieces and planted about 24 eyes.

Pole beans

Then we thinned out the broccoli and decided to eat the little plants since we heard you could eat it.  Tasted
just like broccoli minus the crunch.....:-).  Nice!

We decided to make a run out of town and get some East Indian food....  you know...,for "comfort"...:-)
I have no idea what we ordered, but here it is!

I do know that this was Naan bread that was stuffed with spinach and cheese.

Basmati rice....

coconut chicken or something like that......not that flavorful, actually.....

And Christo's chicken something or another....

It was the end of a good evening and the beginning of our Oregon adventure.....:-).  I can't tell if he is happy about the trip or the food! ha.......

See you in Oregon!