Sunday, April 19, 2015

New Sets of Wheels!

Don't spank me!.....haha.  When I upload the following pics, you will see what we have been up to.

The days have been long, busy and stressful at times.  I don't know for sure, but I think I passed myself somewhere out there!  Our Infinity i30 that has served us faithfully for the past seven years started to give us a few problems.  We decided to sell it and purchase a newer, more reliable vehicle to travel in.  So, we settled on a 2013 Dodge Grand Caravan.  We had the scooters in mind when we purchased it.  We wanted to make sure that we could pull all three and also have something where all of the seats went into the floor for easy luggage packing.

did I neglect to mention that the 2001 Pace Arrow motor home followed two weeks later?....:-)
It has been a long awaited dream for Chris to have a motor home.  He had one a long time ago.  Long before my gorgeous self came along...:-).  And now we have this:

Here is a picture of us in the decision making process; doing a walk around and inspection of the interior as well.  After all, we plan to spend a lot of time in it!

closing the deal was a very pleasant experience.  The husband and wife that sold it to us were the second owners and had only taken it out once in 2 years.  The previous owner didn't take it out much either.  So, it only had 30,000 miles on it.....:-).  For a 2001, that ain't bad!

The next day after purchasing the motor home, we knew we had to find a car dolly to pull the van for us.  I drove the van for the first time that day and Chris drove the motor home.

We had been looking for weeks for something we both felt we could enjoy and live with; at least for now.  But this happened so suddenly that we were not even prepared for it!  I didn't even have dish soap!...haha.  We had to go to the store and pick up just a few things that could hold us until we made it home again.

As happy as we were about finally finding one, it left both of us emotionally exhausted....haha.  Wayyyy tooo much excitement for a twenty four hour period of time!

And away we went after spending one night at a very gracious Walmart Superstore, we headed for a camp ground so that we could plug in and learn how everything worked.

And here we are, folks.  We are here for the evening and should be headed back to our town tomorrow.  Or not.  What's the rush??

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See you on the road!