Friday, November 2, 2012

Texas & Williamsburg, Virginia Day One

We have been waiting to take this trip with some of our dear friends for a few months now and the time had finally come.....:-). They had graciously invited us to join them on their vacation and we accepted.  We packed and prepared, repacked (or at least I did) and prepared some more.  We headed for Texas for an overnighter before our big adventure in Virginia...:-).  Since their home is like our second home, we know to get comfortable and settle in whenever we come by to visit...:-). And as you can tell, we have NO PROBLEM doing that when we get there....haha....

This time, I used lotion....hahaha

This is our favorite "indoor" room when we visit with them.  I tried to take a panorama view of the room, but it turned out weird....

We started our trek to the airport getting lost a few times because of the construction that seemed to go on for miles.  I'm glad I was not the one driving as I would still be on my way to the airport!

We were ready to rock and roll......

and as you can see, I was getting more excited as time went by........:-)  Yay!!

Our plane was on time which was good.  Earlier in the week, we were concerned that the weather would not be kind to us because of the storm that had passed through the area, but it seemed that was going to be well afterall......:-). 

We decided to grab lunch to take onto the plane with us instead of waiting to be served this time which worked out better.  Although, I was not impressed with the sandwhich.  The bread made me think I was going to have to use a stick of dynomite to get it out of me if I ate it all, so I at a small piece of it and the "innerds"....


It was a short flight compared to some we have been on, but I was glad to be off of it when we landed.  The seats always seem too small for a gal my size.  Chris has long legs so you can tell he was happy to get out of the seat as well.....:-).

We headed to the car rental where our friends had reserved a car........

We were at our destination and while they were gettting things together with the car rental business, I snapped this picture to remind myself that I had not been here for almost  twenty years......:-)

When we walked through the  parking lot, I couldn't help but notice some of the signs that were on the cars......hahaha

I cracked up laughing!  haha

and my friends were swiftly leaving me!  I had better catch up.......:-)

Chris was designated as driver since he has a built in GPS system that will put a Garmen to shame!
 The Kings' Creek Plantation and Resort........Now, I gotta tell ya, being an African American woman, I wasn't too keen on the idea of visiting Anybody's plantation, but since it was followed up the word "resort" I figured..... how bad can it be???

We got checked in and made our way to our residence for the week.....:-).  Cool- eh?

after we got there, we still had things to do like grab dinner and find a store to get some things for breakfast since we had a fully equipped kitchen. We grabbed a couple of more pics, took our luggage to our rooms and headed right back out again.  By now, it was pitch black outside.

This is our room for the week.......there is a full bath to the left......each room has a full bathroom and there is a half bath down stairs as well.

The kitchen........

the back porch which faces the woods.  Of course I will have better pictures when the sun comes up again.......:-)

off to find some food!  We all agreed on seafood......yummm.....:-)

From what I could tell, it was very beautiful outside.  

these are the front doors to the resturant..........

and I passed this on the way there......:-).  Its harvest time!

Chris went to park the car and catch up with us..........

Well, since it's a seafood resturant, might as well go for broke! hahaha

Chris looks like he was trying to decide where to start.........

The decor was beautiful....decorated with lovely colonial paintings and knick nacs...:-).
None of us had been here to eat before ......

and the buffet bar looked like ships! 

ahhhhhhhh,  nice.......:-)

 after snapping all of the pictures that I dared, it was time to put down some desert....
I didn't make it!  I was tooo full from all of the seafood I had eaten.......but I did manage to squeeze down a bite of bread pudding.....:-).

then, I had the amazing after thought of snapping this before we left........

Have you ever seen a resturant like this??  There is a lighthouse right in the middle of the room...haha....:-).  Cool eh?

Well, one last snapshop of the ship, and then it was back to the vacation home.....:-). 

Where it was time to get into some pj's, update my blog and catch up on the news and get some sleep.  I'm looking forward to taking some picks in the day light.......:-)

Stay tuned!!