Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Raspberry Coffee Break

It was time to take little Raspberry and "Thing Two" out for another spin.  "Thing Two" had to have his clutch adjusted but after that, he seemed to be just fine. I have to cover the seat because the neighborhood kitties seem to love putting their paw prints all over everything.

Scootard always does the unlocking of our bikes while I am getting the helmets and putting on my gear.

We putted around the neighborhood for a while to make sure that Thing Two was not sick and then we headed downtown for coffee.  This was our first visit to this place.

And to our surprise, there seemed to be some kind of kid's festival going on.

There was music and food and a big bouncy thingee in the middle of the street........

Scootard went inside to get our coffee.  He got the sugar and everything right.  Looking pretty pleased with himself......:-).

I went through the coffee pretty quickly.  I have no idea why.  When I have it at home it takes me all morning!

Raspberry and Thingee Two waited patiently across the street for us to come back.  Raspberry was getting plenty of second glances....:-).  She's soooo cute!

That's the bouncy thingee that I mentioned....They had hoola hoops too.......:-)

Well, we finished our coffee and decided that the two-some looked lonely sitting there by themselves.

We got our gear back on and did a bit more riding before going back to the ponderosa.....

Now time to chill out with my favorite person and relax for the rest of the evening....:-)