Friday, April 12, 2013

Revenge of the Homemade Washing Detergent!

ok, I used my homemade washing detergent.  Here's the skinny:

IF you decide to double your recipe like I did........DOUBLE YOUR WATER AS WELL!  *^#(^ it wasn't me I didn't and when I went to use it, all three jugs were a thick, nearly solid mass of goo! *#-o d'oh! haha.

Soooooo, I decided to divide one of the containers I was going to open into TWO containers by squeezing out half of one container and adding water to fill the rest of the container.  I did this with both the halves.  So, now I have more detergent than what I started with; which I am fine with.   

Ok, then I decided to see how it did with the clothes.  I washed two loads so far and they came out "ok" I guess. No better or worse than a commercial detergent, but substantially cheaper. 

anyway, I don't know if using organic soap would make a difference with the consistency of the detergent or not.  Once I get through these batches I will try organic soap and see if it has a better consistency than this.       

 However you decide to do it,  SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING! *:) happy