Saturday, May 31, 2014

Oregon Adventures- Day 2

It was a wonder I could drag myself out of bed this morning.  But, "somebody" was creeping around, making coffee and stealing "good morning" kisses.  So, I figured I should at least get up!  Today was the day that we make it to Astoria, Oregon making as many stops along the way as we choose to.  No rush.  We'll get there whenever we get there.....:-).

But first...breakfast....


this was us crossing the Skagit River.....:-).  This bridge had collapsed several months ago.  Glad we were not on it!

Time for a potty break.....:-).

These tiny little flowers are called "Buttercups"....:-).  I had to get down on ground level to get this picture.  They are tiny, but colorful.  This was the rest stop.

I made a new friend while waiting for Chris to come back....:-).

oh dear....I needed some coffee right about here!  I tried to drink the coffee that Chris made for me, but I just couldn't!  We finally figured out that it was the water that made it taste so bad.......yikes!  I was glad to get some fresh, although the first cup was ice cold.  We got that sorted out and started over with the whole coffee thing.

hahaha....I guess he's having a good time! haha

We traveled on until we came to the town of Raymond, Oregon.

I was impressed with all of the art work that dotted the tiny town.....:-)

Even the playground had great imagination....

I have seen post offices smaller than this one and not nearly as nice.

But I was most impressed with all of the iron art that was displayed on just about every corner. This one is my favorite....:-)

I hope a bird doesn't fly over his head......

Here is an iron works family......

And a guy walking his pet pig! haha.  Can you imagine?

cow boys?

Beaver...doing his damage!

The beautiful Willapa River with another statue near by......

I love the outdoors.... when it's not pouring down raining with a soaking to the bone rain.

 Somebody didn't put their shoes back on....But you can't tell from this picture.

Willapa Bay.....

Almost there!

Still no shoes!  He ran all the way across the road like that too.....:-(.  smh.....

This is the Astoria-Meglar bridge.  We had to cross it to get to the other side....

Here we go!  It reminded me of the Floating Bridge in Seattle.

And we are here!

For some reason, this feels like  it was a long day!  I'm tired and hungry now....

We needed to find a place to have dinner before retiring for the evening.

what a cute seaside town.....:-)

This is the Flavel House which has now been turned into a museum.  We have planned to visit it before leaving town.

I think the film museum used to be the county jail! 

We passed this tree which was sitting on the corner supported by wooden beams.  It is a Douglas Fir tree that is about 621 years old.  Wow.  I wonder how many wrinkles I would have in 621 years??

We drove around looking for some place to eat and thought about fish and chips until we ran across this...
This is going to be exciting....ha

I don't know why this sidewalk thingee was next to the sign as there was no salmon in sight when we went into the resturant.

It was nice inside.  Just a few people eating and I didn't want to disturb them with picture taking....

ooopppssss.....sorry Christo for cutting your head off....ha

Anyway, Christo ordered "Burek".  I think it was beef stuff in a fluffy pastry shell of some sort.

I had stuff cabbage rolls which I have forgotten what they actually call it in Bosnia.  But it was excellent!  Very good presentation.  Well done!  I can always tell when there is a "chef" in the kitchen and when there is a "cook" in the kitchen.  This was indeed a chef!

We had the pleasure of meeting a new friend named Philip.  Very nice man who tells us that he has been meeting with the same people for the past 22 years trying out new food!  haha.  Now, that's living!  haha

We said our goodbyes and headed down the road toward our home for the evening.

It only took about 2 minutes to get there and we were none too happy.

Hey I could live here for a few days....ha.  but oh well.  gone tomorrow!  On to the next adventure...

Nighty night!

Oregon Adventure- Day1

I was MORE than ready to go by the time we got up, dressed and took care of some loose ends around the house.   This was going to be a "road trip" of sorts.  Chris planned to stay in a different hotel every night.
We purchased some comfortable chairs that have side tables attached to them the last time we were in the states and decided to take those with us in case we had a "sea side" excursion.

Our first stop was Bellingham, Washington.  I wanted to go to one of my favorite stores and see about some new stuff for the new bathroom.  This particular store was like a zoo and even after spending the time to pick out the things we wanted, we decided that waiting 20 minutes in a line that was not moving was long enough.

we left without our stuff...

Remember this place?  We were here on my first long distance trip on Miss Vickey about 2 years ago....:-).

I wanted to keep it light since it was already after 8:00pm....

Somebody got a hold of some wicked hot wasabi! haha.

We filled our bellies,found our hotel and packed it in for the night....

It was a good day!  See you soon....:-)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Oregon Adventure! Trip Preparations

If you have been following my blog, then you know of our recent "bathroom adventures" which have taken quite the toll on us.  You can read all about that in the previous posting on here. We finally got our bathroom back on Friday and then Sunday the whole building had "sewage" problems.  Can you believe that?!  New ceiling, new floor, new sewage coming up in our tub from God knows where.

We were sitting on the couch when we heard the horrid "gurgling" sound coming from down the hall. The tub and toilet were both filling up.  Come to find out, the neighbor across the hall was totally flooded from bathroom to kitchen, and the laundry room was quickly filling.  We started plunging like crazy!  It didn't help...As the night went on, it filled and filled and filled.  Thankfully, it never overflowed!  It was all cleared out before we left.

We needed a break from all of the "activities".  Thankfully, we were able to get away for a few days.  But there was some "pre-trip" stuff that had to be done.  Like get our tub and toilet unstopped and disinfected before leaving.  Strata took care of the plumbing and we took care of the disinfecting.  I wanted to check on the garden before leaving and make sure that everything was well watered before leaving it in the hands of come very capable friends....:-).  Here is a picture of the garden and its progress.  See my corn!!  YaY!

My experiment potatoes in a five gallon bucket.  I put 2 in here to see what would happen.

a pepper plant

carrots and chives

butter lettuce

potatoes that we "hilled up" on the side of the plot.  I cut these potatoes into little pieces and planted about 24 eyes.

Pole beans

Then we thinned out the broccoli and decided to eat the little plants since we heard you could eat it.  Tasted
just like broccoli minus the crunch.....:-).  Nice!

We decided to make a run out of town and get some East Indian food....  you know...,for "comfort"...:-)
I have no idea what we ordered, but here it is!

I do know that this was Naan bread that was stuffed with spinach and cheese.

Basmati rice....

coconut chicken or something like that......not that flavorful, actually.....

And Christo's chicken something or another....

It was the end of a good evening and the beginning of our Oregon adventure.....:-).  I can't tell if he is happy about the trip or the food! ha.......

See you in Oregon!