Sunday, June 1, 2014

Oregon Adventures Day 3

Chris and I are travel buffs....road homies, globe trotters..and Adventure travelers.  Nothing like getting away on the spur of the moment and hitting the road!  Both of us woke up feeling a bit like a truck had run us over and backed up, but we managed to drag ourselves to the breakfast room to fuel up for the morning.

Chris made his waffle concoction and was more than happy to plow through the whole "interesting" thing.

I had some cream gravy with eggs, danish and stuck this away for the"in between meals" snack.

the breakfast room emptied and quickly as it had filled up.  It was kinda nice to have it to ourselves for a bit.

Well, time to hit the road and start Day 3 of the Oregon Adventure!

We drove around the town of Astoria to see what was there since all we did was ate dinner when we arrived the night before.  This was the US Customs House which was preserved since 1852.  My goodness we have come a long way!

Some of the most beautiful homes are found here.  A lot of them are Queen Ann style.  This one happens to be a little more modern than the original Queen Ann style homes.

This is more of a period home.  It is currently for sale for the whopping price of $749,000.  Any takers?

The town is actually bigger than I thought it was.  It is also filled with steep hills and doesn't appear to be scooter friendly at all....

There is a Maritime Museum here which we skipped, as well as several antique shops which we availed ourselves to.

We drove around a bit to try and discover whatever we may have missed before.  This main road is not too bad for scootering.  But when you go into the residential areas, NOT scooter friendly.

you con barely see it, but on the right side of the photo is a hotel called Hotel Elliot.  I guess it was a real big deal to stay here at one time.....:-).

ok.  Enough of that.  Time to head toward the  Astoria Tower.........:-).  It was quite the site!

Somebody (I'm not gonna say who) wanted to climb to the top of that thing.......

We did go up to the parking lot though...haha.  I managed to snag some pictures of the views...

Very nice, indeed.....:-).

Christo was so excited.....:-).  I think this was on his "spur of the moment" bucket list.

While he went to take some other pictures and snag a magnet, I decided to take a pic of this crazy tour bus that pulled up along side of me.....haha....  too funny.


OK.  Off we go!

Hey!  Lookie......:-).  Maybe I can find some thing for my "new" bathroom.....  Not that.....haha

Now see there.... too much excitement! ha haha.  I knew he shouldn't sat in that chair!

Well, we did manage to get a couple of things, but not what we thought.  We got some air freshener....
for the bathroom!  ha......smh.

Christo promised to take me to the beach.  So, off we went even though it was a bit chilly out.

I didn't know I was going to have to walk a quarter mile to actually get from the parking lot to the beach!

There was a stump sitting right there in the middle of nothing.  I took advantage of that which Chris worked circles around himself....ha

this is the view from behind eh?

He left  me his trusty stick while he went to go play "chicken" with the waves.......:-)

Might as well make myself useful!

uh oh.  Somebody's toes look cold.....:-(.

But his heart was still warm......:-).  He finished my art project.......:-)

My toes on the other hand were feeling as if I had two pairs of socks on each foot.  this was why..

This was AFTER the 4th tap to try to get it all out......

It was still quite beautiful inspite of having sand nearly every where........:-).

Well, time to hit the road again.....we came across the cool place where I scored a glass coffee percolator.....

Most of the stores had closed by the time we left the beach.  But I was able to snap pictures of these cools bikes through a window.....

Now, I ask you.  How cool is this??

This is the time of year when Rainier  cherries.......

It just so happened that there was a thrift store right next door that I wanted to look in.  When we came out and took a cherry out of the bag, we discovered that most of them were bruised or rotted.....:-(.  We took them back to the guy and got our money back.  We also gave him his cherries back.  Our suspicion was that he would take the good ones and put them on top and count on the fact that most people were passing through and would not come back to confront him.   He was wrong.

We went away very disappointed, but determined not to let the idea of someone trying to take advantage of those passing through ruin our day.

Seeing this sea stack  off the highway reminded me of why we chose Oregon in the first place.....:-)


 what a beautiful state......:-).

Then we saw this place.....:-).  They had all manner of garden statuary and nic nacs where stretched far and wide inside.

Chris is know what that means, right?

All kinds of salt water taffy......:-)

ok....let's go!

and here we have arrived at Chris's "spur of the moment" bucket list item.

It was sitting on a nice setting complete with outdoor accommodations for those of us who might want to fill up on cheese.

This place has a huge work station.......

Here is a bit of history.....

Behold the power of cheese!

a bit more history...if you can see it.

Seems that they have been around for at least a minute!

Christo filling his "square" with all things cheesy....:-)

There will still a couple of workers there packaging things up to age for 18 months to several years.

They also have a creamery with various flavors of icecream.....:-).  Yay!


Cheese anyone?

hey!  taste testing........

hahaha.....Somebody is VERY happy now.....:-).  And we have only just begun!

there were other things to purchase beside cheese, but we stuck to the original plan.


Who knew that so many different types of cheeses existed?  We did!!  We purchased the extra sharp 3 year old one.

Chris filled out the critique sheet.  They go an A+, I'm sure......:-)


hahaha.....check out time....

Hey!  That's where the ice cream went to! There is hope after all!

yep.....he looks pretty hopeful to me......:-)

thank you for being so cheesy!

This thingee was waiting for us as we exited the building.  Look Mom!  No hands!  ha

Chris drives like a "New Yorker".....head hanging out of the window fussing at every one ahead of him...

Alas, our visit at the cheese factory had come to an end....:-). This was outside on the grounds of the factory.

parting is such sweet sorrow.....farewell, oh great cheesy one.

ok....on the road again....nice!

I FINALLY made it back to the beach.....:-).  Fortunately, we brought our chairs from home along with our newly purchased snacks from the cheese factory.

there were several kites and lots of sea gulls hoping to steal my food.

it was chilly but beautiful....

a little further down the road was this beauty....:-).  The water is pastel green....

Our last stop for the night would prove to be the the world's smallest harbor.  Really.

And here it is.  What a jewel.....:-).  I could live here.

We finally arrived at our home for the evening.

It has been a long day and we were both dragging by now......Hello sweet home!

Nice room, first floor.....

decent bathroom......:-).

 and complimentary cookies and water!  Yay...dinner...ha. Who could ask for anything more?  Probably me..but I'm much too tired now.  ha

See you tomorrow!