Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cats, Frogs and Desert in Greece!

Spring seems to be slow in coming to BC this year.  There has been a lot of rain.  So, of course whenever one can venture out past the fireplace or heater, one does.  I have two gardens that I am working on.  The one in BC which I am constantly working on keeping this out.....

or this.....  I mean Really???

the other one is in the United States where I have great plans for and would like to incorporate things like this........

Or this.....

After some thought about the chairs that I painted and left in the states earlier this year, I decided on this for now. The reason is because I saw her sitting on a yellow chair almost identical to the one I painted yellow and she had pink flowers behind her on the chair.....cool-eh?....:-).  So, she will be traveling to the states with us to be placed in that newly started garden.

We had dinner and headed to some place we had never been for desert.

The place was quite striking inside.  I mean when was the last time you stepped off a city street in one country only to have desert in another!  This was no ordinary ice cream shop!

Everywhere you looked, you were in Greece.....:-).  This might in fact be the closest I ever come to it too.

The art work extended all the way up to the ceiling, but the workers looked "nervous" about me taking pictures although I did manage to get a few more pics.

They even had a life size horse and knight positioned right behind our table.....very cool!

Scootard made a new friend.....:-)

....Scootard decided on ice cream. Since I was a bit chilly, I ordered a coffee and cookie....:-).

I sipped on my coffee and sat there amazed that I was eating desert in Greece...ha

after Scootard got finished making his acquaintance with his new friend, he decided to enjoy eating in Greece as well.....:-)

after having enjoyed our desert in Greece without ever having to hop a flight... we headed to the beach to watch the sunset before heading home....

See ya next time!


bob skoot said...


You're alive and your washing machine suds didn't swallow you up.

so with all this money you are saving on detergent, you are squandering for ice cream and greek desserts ? Have I got this right ?

Riding the Wet Coast

Scootard said...

A lovely trip with my favorite girl. Love the photos and commentary. Here's to you Baby, siad with cookie in one hand and Gelato in the other.

Patricia Carpenter said...


hahaha. You are so funny...:-). I think you've got it right! ha

bluekat said...

Funny - the dessert shop makes me think of that movie, "My big fat greek wedding" :) Sounds like a yummy place to go.

Trobairitz said...

A fun way to travel with out having to leaving town.

There are a few ways to try and keep cats out of your garden. You can put netting over the beds to keep them from "digging a basement" as my grandma used to call it. Also orange peels in the dirt or even motion activated sprinklers - although those work on UPS and Fed Ex guys too - ask me how I know.

I've heard of people sprinkling cayenne in their beds but I don't like that idea as it could actually hard them if they get it on them and run their faces and eyes.

Patricia Carpenter said...

The first advice we got was the cayenne pepper. I had the same concerns about it burning them, but after using over 100 grams of the stuff and they kept coming back, we switched to the orange peels.

Well, you can only eat so many of those a day, right...ha. Soo, since I was having some trouble with some of my plants (fungus), I made a concoction of garlic, onion, canola oil, tea and orange peel that I cooked on the stove and let sit over night.

It seems to be killing the fungus and the cats don't like to get squirted with it. But we have decided not to plant anything else this year since we are leaving again soon and won't be able to keep up with it anyway.