Monday, September 3, 2012

Farewell to Switzerland!

This morning we decided to be up early to catch our last pics of our Swiss guest...:-).  We had a cup of coffee and talked about our respective plans for the day....

It was time for Marc to meet his taxi who would take him to his next destination.  It was very strange to me as the people who have come so far have been young.  So, it feels like I am watching my "kids" go off on these extreme adventures! ha.....I's strange.

He was very appreciative of our hospitality and thanked us for everything.  He took our picture as well the evening before....:-).

You are welcome, Marc.....:-)

We hope his mountaineering experience is all that he expects it to be......:-)

We wished him a safe journey!

Now we start planning our own couch surfing experiences for our upcoming trip!