Friday, October 19, 2012

A Bitter Sweet Day

The last two days have been very busy and I have been very tired trying to keep up with commitments with others and rearranging my schedule for things more pressing.  In the midst of the busyness, I have had some fun times with my youngest daughter who currently lives in our home in the states.  We went to lunch yesterday and ended the meal with a good dose of cotton candy which to my great surprise dissappeared in no time flat! ha  I decided to pass on the "sugar high" and let them have at it...:-)

As you can see, Scootard was having a blast as well.....:-).  The sugar kicked in later!  oh my!

The next day, I decided to take the whole "Monkey Butt" syndrome to the matt.....sooooo, we bought an excersize matt and decided to see about modifying my seat to make it a bit more comfortable.

 Now, I know it looks "hillbilly", but I figured....hey, what the heck- eh?   So, here is the finished product on "Ms Vickey".

Well, you know Scootard had those gigantic, blue "mouse pad" looking thingees on his seat and decided to do some modifications to "Maj".......

A master Scootard at work............

cut, cut, trim, trim....... 

And after all of the cutting and trimming was done.....he decided to give it some extra security........yepppp. He used SHRINK WRAP! hahaha......

oh my.........haha.  Well, at least we are sitting on them.....:-)

It was getting on in time and we still had an important visit to make with an old friend to say goodbye, but we needed to eat first.  So, we grabbed lunch at the mall........Geeze...I have to stop eating this kinda stuff....I gained 4 POUNDS since I've been here!  EEEKKK!

We left the mall and headed down the street and around the corner to visit a friend for the last time.......

A man whose prayers I am grateful for and will always remember his smile.......:-) Rest in peace, my friend...:-).
  After a visit with him and his wife, we decided to take a ride out of a little town called Geronimo; named after the Indian warrior.......

And there was nothing to see.  The main street didn't have any thing on it except a couple of houses.  Not even a store........Wow!  We sat there in disbelief....ha.  I had never been to this town even though I had lived only a few miles away for 18 years.  I guess I didn't miss anything!

But all was not lost!  We did see this on the way......haha....I call it "feather grass" although I think it is really called something else.  But you can see why I call it that, right?

Well, we had to get back because my daughter had a show this evening that we promised to attend.   It will be my first time seeing her on a stage since she was in Junior High......:-).  She is a musician both vocally and instrumentally......  She got the "singing pipes" from me, but she's much better than I ever was.....:-)

By the time it started it was dark outside, so the sign showed up nicely outside....:-). 

And the lighting inside was nice too...... until they turned the lights out......:-(. 

 Scootard was doing great until they started playing.  As bands go, they were loud, but he was ready.  He put in earplugs!....haha.  The music was so loud that he could still here the music through industrial noise dampeners.

So, there was my "youngin", up there doing her thing with a band that was trying, and at times, "very trying", but she soldiered on anyway.....I told her long ago that I would always support her as long as she kept it "clean"....and she did.....:-). 

I like this little place as it was more of a family friendly enviroment.  No alchoholic beverages were served, but they had food and virgin drinks........:-).  cool.....I drank water and listened to her sing........:-)

 And then, the music started seeping through Scootard's industrial ear plugs!  hahahaha.  I didn't think he was gonna make it! haha

It was a nice bit of a break when my daughter came and sat with us after her performance. She came and sat  by me.....:-).  We look so much a like (I'm told) that I was "beside myself"!! hahahah....  get it??

We were tired and a bit drained from the last two days and knowing what we had to do the next day, we decided to leave, grab a quick dinner and relax before going to bed..:-).  It was a bitter-sweet day. I had to say a final goodbye to a friend, and find out that my seat modification on Ms Vickey needs more modifications!  ugh....:-(.  I hate "monkey butt"!!....