Tuesday, December 23, 2014


I would suppose that everyone is gearing up for the holidays with only 2 more days before Christmas.  We have been very busy here and in the middle of the busyness, we were able to make a quick trip out of town and get a few other things done; like watch my secretary throw up a couple of decorations.

Here is a picture of a nativity scene sitting on the floor in front of a room divider.

And a tiny Christmas tree sitting on the electric fireplace in front of a window.

Off to the mall we went.  Out of town was the best option seeing as I had been under steam and meat for several weeks!  It was time to hit the road and do a little Christmas browsing.

I was on the hunt for some new jeans for the guy whose legs seem to go on forever.  He was smiling like an expectant mother.....:-).

Well, time to eat!  You know how we are by now......:-)

There is a potato under all of that ranch and cheese.......:-)

But I gotta tell, you nothing made me drool like this double over stove display in a window at the mall.
If  I was 10,000 richer, I would snag it in a minute!

After a loooooong search for pants that would accommodate the legs that stretch into never land, we finally found the right size at the Men's WearHouse.

He's gonna like the way he looks.....:-)

I really enjoyed sitting down for a spell and listening to different people sit down and play different songs on the piano across the hallway.

After a stint about town, we decided to make a run past the theater to see if anything interesting was playing.  NO.  We headed home.

When we got back to town, we made a run through a light display that was located in the city park.

I remember when they started doing this a few years ago.  It used to line one of the main streets in our city and went almost for three city blocks.  Now, everything looks pretty spread out.

My lens is not a good one for night shots, but I had to get a picture of that tree......:-)

And the wooden soldiers.......

Several days later we had a Christmas party at our house and dinner was included at a restaurant of choice for our SW team members of our ministry.  We have done this for a few years now as sometimes we are still in Canada when Christmas comes around.  This time we got to go with them.....:-)

And went back to the house to open gifts.

It has been a full few weeks and Christmas is just two days away.  It is hard to believe that in just a little over a week we will be in 2015.....wow....  When I was 5, I was sure the world would have ended by now!  hahaha.....

Anyway, "Raspberry" and "Rascal" are asleep while Ruby turned into the Christmas Scooter; courtesy of Scootard.....:-)  I hope to get a little rest before this year is out.  Who wants to enter another year...tired?!  haha.

Thanks for traveling with us and doing life with us throughout this year.  We look forward to seeing all of your again in 2015.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours!