Friday, August 24, 2012

Blackberries and Lunch at the Park!

Today started out a little chilly. So, I left home with a sweat shirt and jacket and Christo with a tee shirt and jacket. His was the better choice by early afternoon...ha. We rode through West Van and I returned the friendly "wave" to a bunch of folks that we passed going by....

 We saw a beautiful flower bed on the way and I had to stop and get some shots of it.  I'm not the best photographer, but I still wanted to get what I could.

Unfortunately, sometimes the shutter opens and closes in the middle of "auto" challenges.

So, we decided to stop along the way and see about getting some blackberries since my last blackberry adventure only yielded a small, sweet one  and very sour one....:-(.  Christo decided he knew the perfect place and he picked some for me.....:-)

Yay Me!!  Thanks Christo......xoxo
 The temperature was really starting to change and I was getting hungry.  So, we stopped and got lunch to take to the park.....

Christo went ahead of me to snag the picnic table just ahead of us.... There was some kind of a kid's camp going on near by, but they were far enough away that we could still enjoy the quiet of the park...Which I counted a small blessings since I suffered most of the night with a toothe ache from a root canal and just wanted .....well, food and quiet!

We spread out our food and started downt the road of NO RETURN!  IT WAS DOOMED!  I had never had "clam miso soup" before, but I was going in for the kill! haha

Scootard (Chris) ate his food like he had been mad at it all his life!  Notice the glare in his eye! hahaha  It was a fixed fight I tell ya!

After rolling away from the table we spent some time sitting by the water for a short while...

And then Scootard got "antsy" and decided he wanted to find the perfect piece of drift wood....AGAIN....:-)

I on the other hand was sitting their enjoying the view and wishing I had worn somthing else other than this stupid sweat shirt!

ok, sweating now.....

ok, time to go!  The sun is bleaching my hair....I'm starting to look grey around the edges....hehehe

So, we started heading back toward home.... I can't believe the one question that came to my mind was "what am I going to do about dinner?"....REALLY????

ok, here is a nice distraction from more food......:-)

and of course, there is always that cute little art gallery.....:-).    ahhhhhh......:-).

But that didn't last long.......we got home and I was still thinking about dinner....  you know being friday and all... you want to keep it simple....  I'm thinking Peanut Butter and Jelly!  Yay!!