Friday, November 28, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! -Breaking with tradition

I'm not much on turkey in any form for several reasons.  But I do like the holiday season when it comes around.  Today was Thanksgiving day and as I was thinking of all of the things that frustrated me this year.  It had been a difficult week with projects and people that sorely worked my nerves.  But I took a few minutes, stilled myself and thought of the things that I was thankful for.  God, country, family, "true" friends and providential care are just a few things that I reflected on.  It was what I needed to do to turn the day around.

I was thankful for all of the food that I have learned to can in the past 2 months although I did lose about 4 jars out of the 60 jars I had.  The last thing to be done before venturing out for my holiday meal was the washing of the last few jars I had completed the night before.  I pressure canned five pints of corn and 4 quarts of sweet potatoes.....:-).

After washing all of those jars, we headed out to one of our favorite US restaurants named Golden Corral.  After having cooked everyday for almost 2 months, I wasn't about to cook for Thanksgiving.  Having no family here in Oklahoma equaled no real reason to cook a large meal when somebody else could do it for us........for cheap!

We arrived about 2 hours after they started serving and the line was out to the parking lot....haha.  Now, I was not annoyed by this because having worked in the food service industry as a professional, I knew that last night's left overs would be the very FIRST thing out on the line.  By the time we arrived, the food was "fresh".....:-).  If you look closely you will see me.  I'm the dot at the very near corner of the building.

and it wasn't too cold for me to be out.  I figured we would hit the register in 30 minutes.  

And so we did!  ahhhhhh, when I survey the wondrous buffet..........:-).

 Every bite I took, I groaned and sighed.  It was THAT GOOD.  haha.  Now, I'm not sure if it was because I could have all I wanted, of what ever I wanted for............wait for it...............(drum roll)........
 $12.00 BUCKS a person (plus tax of course).

 That's right, folks.  GOD BLESS THE USA is all I can say.  haha

And "Sir Scraggle McSquarley" wasn't having any problems piling on the goods.  I just don't know where he puts it all!

Having successfully devoured "round one"........(he looks far too happy right now)........

He headed back to the food bar for "round two".........and three......I watched in amazement as he ascended onto the food bar once again!

He emerged with the booty of the spoils.......complete with new "eating irons"......:-).  smh..

I was stuffed after my "one plate" and ready to head to the house to sleep off the food I had just consumed.
Thankful for the blessings of much when so many have so little.  Twenty eight bucks and some change for a wonderful meal with my wonderful man.   Who could ask for anything more.  At least not today.....:-)