Friday, February 27, 2015

Farewell Oklahoma -Day 2

Nobody wanted to get up this morning.  Nevertheless, we drug ourselves out of bed and started our long trip toward California.  But not before experiencing one of the worst breakfast of the century......

the room was great, but I was glad to get away from that breakfast and head toward Arizona!  It didn't take long either.....

Arizona always reminds me of the land of Dinosaur poo.  haha.  I know that sounds strange, but some of the rock formations hold no other explanation in my mind.

I have seen some rock formations that were more pronounced than these, but since we were at a rest stop, I took pics of these.

This may have very well been one of the few times I actually purchased coffee from a rest stop.  I had to mix three different coffees to get one cup to taste like something other than weak tea.  I guess  I have been spoiled by the french press that we have traveled with for the past 2 years.....:-).

Well, on the road again.  The temperature was getting noticeably warmer!

ahhhhhh!  Then we remembered that we purchased some coolant for the air conditioner that seemed to need a charge after all of these years of use.  We used our next stop to try to get it into the condenser; or whatever it is you call it in cars.


uh oh......something just snapped.....

oh well, we will have to get another can when we get to the next stop.  Need to keep moving.  Hello California!

I didn't think to take a picture, but once we got to California, we found a K-mart and picked up another can of coolant stuff for the air conditioner.  Ours was blowing almost warm air.  He had to hook this can thingee to the hose thingee and then let it go into the thingee with the air conditioner on full blast.  I just about froze!  haha.......I was glad I had a scarf with me as it i had  to fun on full blast until he was finished.

On the road again.  And this time, it started to rain.  Not what we would call rain where I am from.  I really only spit for a bit.  The sky appeared to have a portal in it.......:-)

Travel started coming to a crawl.  You can tell from all of the dust that was previously on the road that they do not see rain much!

I thought it was going to rain longer than it did because of the way it started to fall.  But it didn't last but a few minutes and then it was over; sadly.

After a very long day; 12 hours, we decided to stop and eat since we were about an hour from our destination which in traffic will take much longer.  

We had both been snacking on jerky and chips in the car with plenty of water because of the salt content.  So, dinner was "light" for us.  I ordered fried artichoke hearts and chicken pot stickers.
Chris ordered a clam chowder sour dough bowl with some avocado rolls.  Both were not that bad....:-)

As you can tell, he is SERIOUS about his food.....haha

We were glad to be on our way again as both of us had been fighting sickness for most of the trip.  I good night's sleep was starting to sound pretty groovy to me! Does anybody say "groovy" any more???

The sun was starting to set and after being stuck on I-10 for what seemed like forever, we finally made our way to the 405 and on to our home for the next two nights.  It is time to settle in for two days....:-)

See you soon!  Stay tuned.....:-).