Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ride To Vancouver and Back

We decided that we needed to get to town today to run a couple of errands.  I was thinking "Infinity! What a great car!"   Hubby was thinking "Scooooooterrrrssss!"  So, we rode.
 After having breakfast at Denny's which was not that great today, we headed back toward home.  On the way back, I developed a hankering for some coffee.  We stopped at a popular biker's stop on the highway.  I was glad to give my rear end a rest as I had not ridden but once since we returned from our last two trips last week.

It was good to be able to rest for a few minutes before heading back home.  For some reason though, it seemed like a very LONG RIDE......So, I just wanted to sit "out of the saddle" for a few more minutes and enjoy the scenery. I think we both had a case of "monkey butt" because we had not been on our bikes in a couple of days....sooooo, we were going to pay for that.....very shortly! ha

The view from our table......:-)

Scootard was enjoying the rest too.  .....:-).

Well, our little break had to come to an end as we were needing to get back to our own town.  So, we geared back up and headed out with still another errand to run.

After picking up an auto part from a local store.....we headed home where we called it a day.....or at least I did.  Scootard had to put the part on.....ha. 

It was a short trip that lasted from 8:30am to 1:45pm.......I have no idea what took us so long.  Unless it was that WRONG TURN I took into Stanely Park instead of to the highway.........ha.....ooopppss.  Oh well.  home now and happy about it!  

See you somewhere out "there"!