Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Long Road Home- Day 1

After spending an enormous amount of time trying to get ready to leave, we still left 2 hours later than expected.  But we had managed to get the car serviced, all (or most) of the garden plants and furniture tended to and family and friends kissed goodbye for now....:-(.

We pulled off the after a little bit of travel to take this picture since I forgot to take pics of us loading everything.  After all, it was still dark when we started loading.  Ms Vickey and Maj were a bit of a challenge to load this time for some reason.  But we got it done with the help of two others.

It wasn't long at all before we were in Texas AGAIN since we had to go that way to get back.

You may have remembered this little town from an earlier post this year.  Or was that last year??

The town is small but the city hall was huge.  Or maybe it was the courthouse.  Not sure........But I liked the sign they put in the front.

Here is a close up.  Don't mess with Texas!!  haha

We used to have a store by this name many years ago in Lawton.  I wondered if it was owned by the same people who had the other store.  But we didn't go in.

It was time to leave Memphis and continue our trip.  We stopped for gas a few times and I decided to try this spicy mango stuff that I saw in the store.

hahahah......He's not too fond of it.....

Well, it was a bit spicy along with some sweetness and a touch of salt.  AND IT WAS SOUR!   That was the part that got me....haha.  It has chili powder and chili flakes on it as well.......smokin!

We had to make quite a few "potty stops" for reason.  But since we have just under a month to get back, we were not really in a hurry.  I took a picture of this field of cotton as we traveled along. 

Then we noticed that "Maj" was leaning toward Ms Vickey and looking like she was going to fall over, so we had to stop again to fix that.

Not long after we came to Dumas, Texas and made a quick trip inside the Welcome Center.

It was tiny, but at least it was there for those traveling through to stop and stretch their legs and ask questions if need be.

They had this placard outside giving a bit of history of the area........

Here's my man looking man.........:-).....hey, hey, hey......

We thought we would say howdy to ya'll before we got back in the car........:-)  "HOWDY!" 

And Finally after 8 1/2 hours of traveling, we reached our destination for the evening.....  

They were capturing the wind to use for electricity....  or something like that.  I often what it would be like to ride one of those things.......hahahahaha.  With a helmet of course......:-).

After looking at the choices we had for hotels, we settled on the Days Inn and settled in for the night.  

Goodnight and stay tuned!

The World Of Swirls......:-)

It is hard to believe that we have been in the states close to a year with just a few weeks out of the country.  But that is definitely the case.  When you're gone that long, there is a lot of preparation before returning to where you came from.  We had an annual gathering with our ministry leaders that we needed to attend in Dallas before we headed back to Canada.  So, we made a side trip to Dallas first and spent 4 days there.  Chris always says while driving on the highways in the US "Have I told you today how much I love the US and her highways?"  haha.....So, I decided that I would post a couple of pictures first of the things he finds interesting.  I mean you can't blame the guy when you come from a country that only has ONE. And it called HIGHWAY ONE! haha

Here are some pics that I took along the way.....

I guess you have to admit that there is something "artistic" about the way things are laid out.

We're talking tons and tons of concrete and a lot of engineering brain work to get this stuff done.

And to think that we travel on and under these things and are still here to talk about it!  Well, don't think on that one too long.....ha.  You might fly next time!

He REALLY got excited about all these swoops and swerves........:-).

It reminds me of an amusement ride at Six Flags in Texas.

This one would make a nice post card.......:-)

It's amazing that we live in such a modern society while others around the world are still walking and driving on dirt roads because they have nothing else.

The columns look like they should be in an Egyptian temple.....

Swirls and more swirls.......very cool.....:-)
We made our trip there and back in once piece and finished our preparation to depart for Canada.

See you in my next blog call "The Long Road Home!"