Thursday, August 9, 2012

DAY -1 Seattle, Renton & Shoreline, Washington

Left home this morning and headed for Vancouver to make a quick stop before heading to Washington for the weekend. We met this interesting guy sitting outside of Starbucks before we took off. Now, I ask you....have you EVER seen anything like this??

Now, THAT'S a scooter!  hahaha.  He was on his way back to work up the street.....I forgot his name! This is the front view of his scooter.....:-)

I would have done without the skeleton and stuff, but you gotta's very....ummm...well...."head turning"!  Here's hopeing the poor guy NEVER has to tear it down to get inside.  All of the stickers where covered in wide, clear tape!

We stopped at one of our favorite places called Smokey Point Cycle Barn in Smokey Point, Washington.  Good golly, I'm loving that Morphus! SWEET!!  Everytime we go, we sit on it....haha.  250cc- twist and go! That's what Chris is sitting on below.  It's a bit short for him but fits me perfectly!  ahhhhhhh........:-).  Nice saddle too.....:-)

 I tried out a Yamaha Vstar 250cc too.  My feet were right on the floor.  Good riding position.  But the guy said he would sell to anyone out of the country.  Oh well.....They have them in Canada too.....FOR TWICE THE PRICE!....:-(.....

We stopped and had lunch at Johnny Corino's and I had my jalapeno telapia dish and Christo had Chicken Gorgonzola penne......Yum.  I forgot to take a picture...ha We were starving!  I had to waddle to the car....

Only on the West Coast!  I couldn't believe it that when I got to the West they actually have this kind of celebration.....It's like a throw back to the 60's or something! 

We made it into the city and the traffic was rediculous as usual........

Now for dinner from Domino's Pizza. ...Habernaro chicken wings and cheesy bread stick.  They are stuffed with Feta cheese and spinach.  My consolation is that the spinach is healthy...ha.  They didn't cut the bread, so we had to tear into it like cave people!  No flatware in our hotel room....:-( 


bobskoot said...


for some reason your meal looks familiar

Riding the Wet Coast
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Trobairitz said...

That scooter at Starbucks is definitely eclectic. You think it would be hard to steer with all that stuff on it.

Awesome that you are in Seattle. It is a fun place to go and hang out for a bit to get away.

I hope the weather is good to you too.

SonjaM said...

What a crazy scooter. Nice catch. I love Seattle, been there many times.

Patricia Carpenter said...

I KNOW! haha....Chris wanted this for his birthday and we couldn't find a Domino's anywhere when we were gone. So, we got it this time......AGAIN!....He's obessed with it....haha. I had a philly cheese steak tonight instead....:-)

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Trobairitz!

I'm amazed at how many mid size and large guys riding this small scooters...:-). And THAT scooter was off the chain! haha. I couldn't help but get a picture...:-)

The weather has been good, but very warm. Which is strange seeing as I lived in Oklahoma for 18 years before going to Canada. I think I can't tolerate the heat much any more. We walked around the Kabota Gardens today and I know I missed some of it because I was just too hot...:-(

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Sonja,

Yes, I like it here too except for the traffic in some places....:-(. It took us 30 minutes to go just a few miles was brutal at rush hour....:-(. But I love areas like Ballard and Freemont, etc.