Friday, August 10, 2012

DAY 2 - Kubota Gardens....:-)

If you like gardens and such, you should enjoy this day with us....:-). We had brunch at IHope before heading to the Kubota Gardens in Rainier Beach.

Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity was my oder and Scootard ordered the chicken, spinach crepe thingees....:-).  We ate everything before I remembered to take pics...ha...sorry! 

then we headed for the gardens that he wanted to visit before we left the area...


The doors look like a bad acid trip.....(not that I do that stuff)....just sayin.

I know this bell has meaning to the Japanese, but I'm sorry I didn't find out what.  I didn't see any workers around...

There were several people milling around, but I tried to get shots without people in them.

Chris has always been facinated with nature....trees, clouds, flowers, and ....trees....clouds, flowers, and water!  I forgot water.  And mountains, and streams....and .....well you get the picture....:-)

There were several pathways, some of which led.......well....NOWHERE! ha

I love the Blue Spruce tree.....:-).  I had one once for a Christmas tree and I used to gather up all of the fallen needles put them in a simmer pot and let the fragrance fill my house......ahhhhhhh.....:-)

Isn't that a wild tree.....?

We decided that this was a nice place to have a picnic and  then we remembered that we had just eaten! ha

I really liked this path... but it started to get very warm in the sun!


I think this is in the Daisy family, but I'm not sure.  They didn't have signs up next to any of the plants.

This was a nice area.  I didn't walk over the bridge, but around it.....

There were little ponds and streams throught the garden...

 On one of those paths that led to NOWHERE....we found this little guy........:-)

I tried to get a picture of this bumble bee, but I only have a little point and shoot camera.....sorry about the blurr....:-(

Hubby was having a blast......:-)

We were starting to really cook and decided not to see the last few parts of this 5 acres...

this looked to me like it would have been used as a least that's what I would have used it for...:-).

And we ended up back where we started somehow! ha....which was fine as I was cooking.....hubby on the other hand was wearing lots of sun block!
We stopped at Subway and I got a Philly Cheese Steak for dinner........
Thanks for spending the day with us!


SonjaM said...

Love the park, and will put it on my list for the next visit in Seattle. Thanks for pointing out this gem.

Patricia Carpenter said...

oh Sonja, you are more than welcome....:-). We love certain parts of Seattle although we find other parts far too busy for our liking....:-).

HBAYDAR said...

hi very attractive and you tell story very basic I am very impress.Is this garden is in Japan ?
sorry for ask it.
To best wishes

Patricia Carpenter said...

No this picture was taken in Seattle, Washington at the Japanese gardens.