Thursday, March 24, 2016

Natural Hair Care On The Road pt1


Scooterchick said...

Howdy, Everybody!

I know its's been a while, but we are still doing some traveling although right now we are stationary! I did a series of video on Natural Hair Care On The Road. I hope you will subscribe to the channel by clicking the YouTube botton on the bottom right hand side of the video and hitting that subscribe button once you get there. Thanks for stopping by! We will be one year in our RV next month! Yay, us!!

Helen Marie said...

Enjoyed your post. I just picked up some oils by Aura Cacia that were actually on sale at the healthstore...yippee! Pepperment, lemon, and tea tree...some of which I plan on adding to my hair oil treatment. I will have to see about picking up some almond oil :).

Scooterchick said...

That is great! I started a vlog that I have recently finished about Natural Hair Care on The Road. Since we do travel some times for extended periods of time in our RV, I thought it would be a good mix for this blog. Here is the link: