Thursday, February 18, 2016

Welcome To The New Me!

Howdy folks,

I know it has been quite some time since my last post!  I hope everyone is well and enjoying with is left of these winter months....:-).

We have been preparing to make a quick trip back to the states and have lots to do before the trip starts.

If you  have been keeping up with our new "frontier" on our other channels, you will know that Chris and I have been busy undertaking my new journey and transition back to my natural hair.   You can follow both of us on Youtube at:

The Silver Crown-My Natural Hair transition:

You may have to copy and paste the link into your browser to see what we have been up to!...:-).  We hope that you will subscribe to our new channel and encourage your friends to do the same.

The last time you saw me, my hair was dark brown........

  Now it looks like this!   The Silver Crown is emerging from under all of that processed hair!

I am restoring my "silver crown".  No more relaxers or coloring for me!  I have officially taken the plunge and decided to embrace my natural color and texture.
My friends have not seen me like this except for on Skype.  So, when I see them at home this trip, it will really be something! ha.

I'm looking forward to getting away from the RV park for a while and hitting the road.  We are taking the van and bringing back the scooters when we come this time...:-).  Stay tuned!  We will be blogging along the way!

Keep trippin!!


Scootard said...

Nice to see your blog after all this time. Hahaha. I am looking forward to spending some quality time with my beloved ScooterChick Trippin ' Sista on the road again do do dodledy do!

Robert Wilson said...

Welcome back. I think the Silver is cool but then again I have a lot more "Salt and Pepper" going on than I care to admit. :)

Scooterchick said...

Thanks, Rob! I'm looking forward to the full head being that color.....:-). Nothing wrong with salt and pepper either!

Dar said...

I have coloured and processed my hair so much, its a wonder I have any hair at all. I am sure it will fabulous on you!

Scooterchick said...

Hi Dar,

yeah, that's the thing. I think that as we get older our hair is not always as strong as it was when we were younger. I do not want to go to my grave BALD or with a hair line that starts and stops at the back of my head! So, that's it for me. I've packed up everything that I had left of relaxers and colors and they are going back to the states with us next week when we make this trip.

Kathy H said...

I'm with you! Life's too short to waste it on hair stuff. Mine's all gray now and I cut a lot off so when I remove my helmet it's pretty much the same style! E Z P Z!

Trobairitz said...

Looking good.

I bet it will be a little freeing to go back to au natural.

I chopped off my long locks last January. Been a year now. I miss it some days but wash and wear is so much easier.

Scooterchick said...

That's good, Kathy! I'll bet it's pretty too....:-).

Scooterchick said...

Wow, Brandy....:-). Wash and wear is a good way to go. I'm having to learn how to take care of my hair now since I have two completely different types on my head right now. But once the last of the relaxer grows out or gets cut out, I hope to be able to do a "wash and go" as well. I might not be able to though with my hair type. We'll see!

KLP @ SavingOurStrands said...

Congrats chica!!! You are GORGEOUSLY GREY!!


Scooterchick said...

Thank you, KLP!