Monday, July 21, 2014

Smell Me Something Good!

If you have ever had your own garden, then you will know that you can sometimes have more harvest than you actually have space to keep everything.  Being in a condo presents "space challenges".  So, everything we harvest has to either be eaten in a few days or frozen.  There is absolutely no more room in the freezer!

Sooooo, I hit the kitchen to cook some of the things that were about to languish in the fridge.  The quickest thing to do was to make a huge pot of soup.  Besides, it had been a bit cooler lately anyway...:-)

Chris had already separated the last of the beets that we harvested from the leaves and stems for me.
Unfortunately, I forgot to get pictures of a lot of the things I used.  So, Ill just tell you when I am missing a picture.  Hopefully, if you ever use this, you will enjoy it.

these are carrot tops, beets and radishes.

Start with a large stock pot of water or vegetable stock if you have some.  Let it heat while you are cooking the beets in a separate pot.  Add the beet water to the stock pot when the beets are finished along with a large chopped onion, a cup of barley(optional), and 3 large cloves of garlic- pressed.   I also used 4 carrots that were sliced into medium pieces and two large Yukon Gold potatoes cut into half inch pieces (or chunks).  Take the skin off of the beets and potatoes, dice and add to the pot.  Stir in half can of tomato paste and I tablespoon of raw honey.

I cut up two chicken breast, washed them and marinated them in some rice vinegar, thyme, olive oil, sea salt, fresh ground pepper and fresh sage from my garden.  I let it sit for about an hour before browning.

Add the browned chicken to the pot along with the chopped beet greens and radish greens.  Add a tablespoon of greek or italian seasoning.

Let cook on medium  for an additional twenty minutes stirring occasionally to make sure the barley and potatoes don't stick to the bottom of the pot.

You should have lots left over to freeze.....if you have room!  Otherwise, be kind to a neighbor and give some away....:-)

Lastly, serve with lots of love!  And don't forget the cracker....:-)

Bon Appetit!


Scootard said...

Bon Appetit indeed. It looks as good as it tastes and Baby it looks fabulous. Hearty, filling and full of flavor.........Mm mm good!
2 large bowls later and it still tastes like........more please!

bob skoot said...


You know I'm smiling at that last photo. You gave Chris the small bowl on the left, Right ? and you had the large bowl.

I can almost smell it from here. Looks tasty and I'm hungry. I'll bet it's faster to raid your fridge, rather than gather all the stuff to make it myself

bob: riding the wet coast

Patricia Carpenter said...


You slay me....haha. No, he does in fact eat more than I do although you wouldn't know that at first glance! It turned out very good. He had two bowls and so did I. Good eats if I must say so myself.....:-).

Trobairitz said...

Looks Delish!!

I can remember my mom harvesting the garden and making soup and canning it because she didn't have freezer space. Of course canning and canning tools take up a whole extra set of space in itself.

Homemade grub from home grown veggies. it doesn't get much better.

Patricia Carpenter said...

It is really good. I thought about freezing some in a friends freezer for my daughter if she comes to visit, but I don't think I can let go of it...haha