Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ruby Do......:-)

Well as you know, Ms Vickey; who I had and cherished for 2 1/2 years is long gone for four days now.  Terrible to say that when I was speaking about her today, I could not remember her name right away!  I know!  Treason.....right...:-(.

Well, anyway....I had my eye on this Honda that is almost 100 pounds lighter than Ms Vickey and almost brand new.  We traveled today to take a "sit" and see if this was the replacement for me.
I think we have a winner.....:-).  Chris and the previous owner were having a "chin wag" about bikes and things while I check out the bike whose name was to become "Ruby".....:-)

This is her from the front......:-)

We waited for the previous owner to go and get some paperwork from his house.  Meanwhile he left his key to his Honda CTX700...The screen that is on the bike was purchased by the previous owner.  The stock screen was supposed to be included as well, but someone had broken into this locker and stolen it.  So, the price came down $100.00.  Sweet!

uh oh.......

Whew!  That was a close call.....haha.  They got Ruby loaded onto the trailer and ready for transport.

We made our way to the insurance agent which was quite the experience with the conflicting information that I was receiving. But, we finally got through the ordeal.... 

And sealed the deal....meanwhile the insurance agent was photo bombing in the background! haha

We headed back toward our own city pulling Ruby behind us.  The skies were looking ominous.

We made it back with just a little bit of rain along the way and put Ruby in her place.

Now, I have to decide which pair of boots feel more comfortable with which bike! I also got plastic bags to cover all of the seats while the bikes are resting under the tarp.  It seems that the neighborhood cats like to put their paw prints on all of the seat (complete with mud) and take naps.

I gotta tell you; there is a huge difference in the performance between the Bet & Win and this Honda.  When I rolled the throttle, I thought it was my last day on the planet!  The thing takes off like a jet!!  ha.  Blew my wig clean back, ya'll.....ha.  So, if you felt a big gust of wind going past you, it was probably me and Ruby hanging on for dear life!

See you on the road.....:-)


Scootard said...

What a lovely story to go with your lovely, new ride! She is fabulous but you are moreso.

April Baucom said...

Ruby and Raspberry! Red's you're color these days huh?!

Patricia Carpenter said...

I like certain shades of red, but not all. I you noticed, the predominant colors in my homes are deep reds various shades of white; pearl, antique, ecru. Well, and then there is little Raspberry who just totally fell off the cliff with her pink body and white Hibiscus flowers....:-).

bob skoot said...


I keep thinking "how many more are you going to buy ?". Time to build a garage to store them all

Chris looks good on that RED rocket. Your new scoot, being 100 lbs less would be much easier to handle. Now it's going to be hard to decide which one to ride; Ruby or Raspberry. You know that I love Raspberries, and blackberries too (hint)

Riding the Wet Coast

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hey Bob,

It's been hard trying to find the right one for me. The others either kept breaking down or felt too uncomfortable on long rides. Ms vickey was very reliable, but just as uncomfortable. And i could never get her on the center stand.

Ruby will take some getting used to because she is much lighter but it seems i'm ableto park her with no problem because of the weight difference.

Raspberry is for convenience when Chris is not around....:-).

Trobairitz said...

Congrats on the new to you scoot. Now you can take your pick of which one to ride. I like the name too.

Patricia Carpenter said...

Thanks, Brandy....

The bike is just beautiful with not a single scratch on it. And with the weight being almost 100 pounds lighter, that is a big relief to me.