Friday, July 4, 2014

Great Deals for New Wheels!

I was so excited because I had spotted (and unspotted) the bike that I wanted.   I saw it on one site and when we checked, it was gone.  Then I found it again in another color that I wasn't "in love" with, but would have excepted.  I decided to keep looking and I finally found the color that I wanted.

The next day was going to be the big day for both of us.  We both had two choices  and wasn't sure how things were going to go.  But at least we had choices...:-).  Since we had to go to sleep and not think about all of this, I decided a relaxing trip to the beach may help me sleep.

Don't we look excited?...ha.  How do you like my jazzy hat?

After a fitful sleep, we headed out early still not sure of which ones we were going to get.  After making our way to where the seller had it garaged in Langley and taking a good look at it,  I knew I was in love! .....:-).  We did some waiting for the seller to arrive from work, negotiated, waited and ........

TADA!!  Introducing......(DRUM ROLL.......!)......."Raspberry"!  She is a 2007 Honda Jazz with just 2,600ks on her....:-).  She had not be ridden in two years, but started and kept in good condition.  Asking price 1,800.00.  Selling price:  $1,100.00.  It is the exact same model that I learned to ride on.....:-).


We loaded the "Raspberry" onto the trailer and followed the owner over to the insurance office where the transfer of title was done and the insurance was purchased and the deal was done.....

Chris double checked to make sure she was secure.  We called the other owner and let them know that we had found another, and headed to pick up Chris's choice.

We headed to Mission, BC and met with the proud owner of this classic 1974 Honda XL175 motorcycle.
He was showing Chris that all of the original parts were there and working properly.  It had collector tags...:-).  The owner was "making room" for a collector auto that was going to grace his garage in it's place.

The negotiated the price.  Asking price: $2,000.  Selling price:  $1,600.00

SCORE!!  Chris decided to name his bike "Thing Two".......

don't ask.

Anyway,  Load um up, move um out, Rawwwwwhide!

ahhhhh, ain't they cute??  :-)  "Raspberry" and "Thing Two"

Geeze, I needed some food after all of that festivity!  I went and grabbed a table at this restaurant while the guys transacted business at the insurance agency.

Very good.  I recommend it if you are ever in the area.

Now, it was time to make our trip to Penticton pulling our new babies behind us. See her back there?

Just checking.....:-)

We finally made it to Penticton where the bikes were going to rest for the night. Here is a better shot of "Thing Two"......By the way, I am having second thoughts about selling "Ms Vickey".

Here is the proud, new owner of "Thing Two".........I wonder what happened to "thing one"??

It wasn't until we got there that I realized my gas tank was on the floor this time.  Interesting.

 Here is a frontal view of "Raspberry."  She is sooooo cute!!!

I was a little concerned about some cracks I saw in Chris's front tire and convinced him that it needed to be replaced before doing any serious riding. So, the next morning he pulled out the tools......

And we took the tire to the Honda dealer to price a replacement......

 We had a couple of hours to wait before the mounting would be ready.  So, we grabbed a snack (some poutine) and waited at the lake for a few minutes.

There were a lot of people in the water although i think it would have been too cold for me!

After unsuccessfully scouting around for "pink" google or glasses and a half helmet for my new ride, we retrieved the tired and went home to put it on.

Chris took it for a test ride down the long driveway.  I didn't want him going on the road....  you know, in case the stupid thing fell off or something!  ha.   As you can see he made it back safely.

It has been a rewarding and equally exciting two days......:-).  AND did I fail to mention that we got both bikes for the sale price of the Maj with $50.00 left over??  SCORE!!! 

See you on the road!


Scootard said...

SCORE!!! It was time for a change and we are very pleased with the way things worked out. Time to plan a road trip????
ScooterChick loves her new Raspberry!!

Dar said...

Nice! When I first went looking I was looking for a "raspberry" I just couldn't find a used one. Good score! Keep Miss Vicky, you won't regret it.

bob skoot said...


congrats on your new bikes. Now you can explore all those forest service roads.

Green lake road should be just around the corner . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Patricia Carpenter said...

\o/ \o/...........Scoooooooooterrrrr!!!!

Robert Wilson said...

Love the old Honda. :) Should be wonderful exploring on.

April Baucom said...

Looks like 2 more matches made in heaven! Go flower power!

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Robert!

I assume you mean the motorcycle. And yes, he probably will. Although, i'm thinking that he will need new gear to ride it on the roads that I'm sure he's thinking about!

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi April!

haha, i'm stll on the hunt for some pink wrap around shades and a half helmet to match Raspberry!

Marilyn Gray said...

I love Raspberry! It's you! So inspiring.

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Maryln,

Me too! I should be taking her out later today.....:-).

Trobairitz said...

Sweet. Nice looking rides. Sounds like you got pretty good deals too.

The pink with white hibiscus flowers suit you perfectly.

Have fun in Penticton, we haven't actually been back there in 10 years, but that is where we lived before we moved to Oregon.

Patricia Carpenter said...


It was an excellant score for us seeing as we are not rich folk! Dar has me seriously considering keeping Ms Vickey. Should i happen to sell her, i'll probably get something like a 150cc or something a bit smaller than the 250. Just so that we can keep riding together.....:-)

Maybe one day you will come and revisit your old stomping grounds here in B.C.....:-).

Dar said...

Patricia KEEP VICKY!!!!!!! 50cc is an awesome little get me there and back scoot for around town, but I know you will miss the extra cc's one day and regret you got rid of her. I noticed this keenly myself when my 500 was off the road for 2 months, I was very limited in where I could go due to the speed limits on roads I wanted to travel.

Patricia Carpenter said...

I'm am thinking about keeping her. But, if i can find another 250 that is comfortable and decent mileage, i may consider a trade. Vickey is Extremely reliable, but not the most comfortable for long distances. It's just a bit short even for my legs.

A Reflex or something like that would be awesome! Don't you think?......:-). I sat on one before. It has a great saddle and good foot position.