Thursday, June 26, 2014

Farewell To "Maj" / Garden Update

Chris made the decision to sell the Majesty and go to something smaller in a dual sport model.  We had a buyer and Maj was going to be leaving the next day.  I have found that gardening can be very therapeutic! ha.  At least it is for me and the thought of selling our scooters and getting something else feels a bit weird!

 Anyway,  we went down to the garden to see how things were progressing.  Good thing as everything needed a good, long drink.  The veggies are coming along "ok" although I am a bit concerned about the closeness of everything.  But, hey!  First time, right?     Anyway, here are some pictures of the progress.

This is an orange bell pepper plant.  If you look closely, you can see a "bubble" looking thingee that looks like a green pepper.  My understanding is that it will turn orange when it is ready.

I over shot myself with the basil and ended up giving away quite a lot and still had to put these plants in window boxes as I was out of pots.  I finally took them down to the garden because my front windows were getting crowded.

My carrot that I am growing in a bucket are coming along just fine!  Hopefully, they will not be skinny little things......

Chris is admiring all of his hard work......:-). The beans are starting to travel up the trellis thingee that he built as well as the corn.

These are my bucket potatoes!  We had to add more dirt to the bucket and to the ones that are planted in a row beside the bucket.  I'm told the plants are supposed to flower and then they are ready.  But I also read that you should let the leaves die back completely before harvesting.  I have no idea! ha

Here is a picture of the corn.....:-).

After leaving the garden we decided to get Maj loaded up and ready to go the next day.....:-(.

 ok, ready to go now....:-(.

Poor Ms Vickey.....she looks lonely.   Sadly, she is for sale as well right now.  I really want to go to something smaller.  We both do.

 Chris rolled Ms Vickey back into her place and covered her up with a tarp.....:-(.

The next day, we met with the new owner of Maj, unloaded her and headed for the insurance agency.  I hope Maj likes her new friend....:-).

 It took a few minutues, but the the guys finally got everything taken care of with the transfer.

The deal was sealed and we are now on the hunt for another bike for Chris.

It was really weird going home with an empty trailer and leaving Maj behind......:-(

I felt like we had just sold one of our kids!  :-(.  Soooooo, I found some truffle fries at a favorite restaurant on Commercial drive in Vancouver.

It helped a little.....ha.....But Chris ate most of them.  So, we either need to find another bike or eat more fries!

see ya soon....:-)


Scootard said...

Very well stitched together and informative. Of course you ganked my scooter story but there you are. i ganked most of your truffle fries....hahaha!

Going this afternoon to look at an XT225.

bob skoot said...


You went to see my Buddy Ena. I visit on Saturdays, sometimes. I recognized that office.

First time I noticed Chris without his slip ons. He looks different.

I like the XT225 but also think about a Super Sherpa, or maybe a DR200, or KLX250 then I can come over and borrow it. I've never ridden a small dual sport. I was thinking of that road that goes up the hill past the golf course. Right at the first signal light.

Riding the Wet Coast

bob skoot said...


are you looking at that one in New Westminster. I am very close to that one.

see, you're getting me excited

Riding the Wet Coast

Patricia Carpenter said...

I don't know a thing about any of those bikes. I would like to find another 50cc that fits me. I like Vespa's but don't want to run into repair problems or trouble getting parts for it. So, I would be looking for something else.

bob skoot said...


Perhaps Gary will just swap your 250cc for a new 49cc. Just ask him

You could list on

just some ideas . . .

Riding the Wet Coast

Trobairitz said...

You need to find another bike and ride it to eat more fries.

Also sad to see a bike go, but think of the smiles you'll have when the new to you one comes home.

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hey Bob,

We have approached Gary on two different occasions about a 50cc for me. He said he had one coming in February or March that he would call me about. We never heard anything from him. When we were looking for a 250 we went to him as well. So, we guess he isn't interested in doing business..ha.

Patricia Carpenter said...


I cannot believe I am on my 4th scooter in 5 years. Two were lemmons. One was a trade and one a sale. I hope we find something for him soon. I'm ready to ride and I think it would be boring for Chris to follow me in the car!

Dar said...


If you are looking for a nice comfy little 49cc scooter that's is Vespa-ish look fir a Yamaha Vino. Awesome little scoot, I had one & it took me everywhere and it even has a kickstart if the battery dies, it seemed a little longer than the Honda Jazz. I also really like the Yamaha BWS & Honda Ruckus. Stick with those two and you won't have any issues, just stay away from knock-off scooters, they may be cheap, but you can find a good on on for around $1200. Heck if I'd known I would have sold you Vixen, well maintained and only 11,000km on the odo. Some college kid bought it and it's probably trashed now.

Patricia Carpenter said...

Hi Dar,

Yes, I looked through there and didn't see anything I was willing to risk my money on. However, I did find a Kymco that only has 600k's on it that I am going to look at today. It is on consignment and the owner is open to negotiation....-. It looks just like the one I traded for the piece of junk Saga 250 that I got rid of. I am looking at a Honda also, but it has 2700k's and is the same age as the Kymco. AND it doesn't have a side stand and the Kymco does.

Dar said...

OH NO NOT A SAGA!!!! OY honey stay away from those things. Kymco's are good scoots, I almost bought one. Are you sure you want a 50 though? I know you are downsizing, but look at a 125 it is perfect, it will give you a little more range than the 50 should you decide you to go a little further, that was my regret with my 50cc, I actually got bored with it and any road over 60km it won't do, and is dangerous. The ICBC insurance should be the same as it is for the 50. If you are interested check out Used Victoria Scooter on line. There are plenty of scooters on here. Don't worry too much about the KMs when I bought my little scoot it had about 5,000 on it.

Here is a nice scoot I think Bob might know the owner of this one as well from a scooter rally we attended a few years back.

Here's another:

This one looks like a beauty!


Patricia Carpenter said...

Hey, Dar

I wanted the 50cc so that I could ride without Chris sometimes. I'm thinking of keeping Ms Vickey. But now, she is faster than the 175cc that he just bought today! It's a honda. And, i found my 50cc today. I named her " Raspberry" and Chris named his "Thing Two"......haha.

Don't ask! ha.

Pics will be posted in my next blog!

Dar said...


Keep Vicky, your scoot isn't that much faster than his, you guys will match your riding style together like you always have. What type do scoot did you buy?